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Hello, I’m Joseph, I’ve created this site to help people who are facing difficulties in purchasing the right ladder for their specific task. By profession, I’m a businessman, and I learn about the ladder for my business purpose. While running my business, I saw that most of my customers don’t have adequate knowledge about this tool. Consequently, they are not getting the proper benefit from it. That’s why I create this site to help them and others who are facing the same problem.

Joseph Stevens
How To Remove Paint From Ladder

How To Remove Paint From Ladder?

When you are climbing on a ladder to apply paint on the wall or the ceiling, it’s next to impossible to keep the ladder clean. While some may find a paint-stained ladder a symbol of the glory of its service, not everyone is going to feel that way.  That’s why people do look out for

How to Make an Easel from A Step Ladder

How to Make an Easel from A Step Ladder?

You want to start painting and need an easel for that. But you don’t want to spend big on one since you’re just starting out. Or maybe you’re a creative type who loves to play with stuff and make things out of discarded materials. Whatever reason you’ve got, if you have a step ladder lying

How to Get Into an Attic Without a Ladder

How to Get Into an Attic without A Ladder?

Have you ever needed to attempt getting into an attic without a ladder? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, we’ve all been there—you’re at home, and it’s downpouring outside, you need immediate access to the attic, but there’s no ladder in sight. As it turns out, getting into an attic without a ladder isn’t

How To Transport a Ladder Without a Roof Rack

How To Transport A Ladder Without A Roof Rack?

Ladders are hard to manage since they are bulky, uncomfortable, and unwieldy. If not adequately secured, they can be highly dangerous. As a result, carrying a ladder by car seems to be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a roof rack. So, how to transport a ladder without a roof rack? The step-by-step guide on

What Is The Ladder Angle Rule

What Is The Ladder Angle Rule & 3 Reasons Why You Should Care!

In ladder climbing and crafting, Geometry and Trigonometry has a massive influence. This is because these factors determine whether the ladder follows the accurate angle rule that is safe for OSHA standards. So, do you know what the ladder angle rule is? If not, then no worries! I’ll discuss in detail what it is, how

Best Outside Ladder Storage Ideas

12 Best Outside Ladder Storage Ideas To Try Out Today!

We know how it goes—you’re putting up a new fence or painting the outside of your house, and you realize that you need to use your ladder. Then you have to figure out where to store that thing when you’re done. It either has to be in the garage—without any space left, or maybe cold

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