12 Best Outside Ladder Storage Ideas To Try Out Today!

We know how it goes—you’re putting up a new fence or painting the outside of your house, and you realize that you need to use your ladder.

Then you have to figure out where to store that thing when you’re done. It either has to be in the garage—without any space left, or maybe cold and wet, or outside on the ground—exposed to sun, rain, mud, snow, or who knows what else!

Whatever the case, you don’t want to ruin your ladder by leaving it outside all the time.

Now, if that’s why you’re curious about some outside ladder storage ideas to keep your ladder in good condition and readily available, we’ve got some useful bits to share.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ladders definitely have their uses, but you risk ruining them if you don’t put them away correctly.
  • It’s always best to store ladders inside than outside to avoid potential damage from elements.
  • Besides investing in a ladder rack or DIY one, keeping your ladder under shady areas like the barn, a backyard shed, carports, gated doors, or porch may be viable options.

Is It Okay To Store Ladders Outside?

Despite some materials such as fiberglass being particularly resistant to the elements, we’d urge you not to leave any ladder outside for an extended period.

Why? Because outside, the environment is undoubtedly harsher, making it more likely to lead to problems like:

  • Rust and deterioration of materials
  • Rotting (wooden ladders)
  • Rope corrosion
  • Fixtures damaged by moisture and dirt accumulation
  • Unauthorized use or theft of your ladder

Choosing an indoor space for ladder storage is the ideal way to avoid all of these, preferably with adequate ventilation to prevent moisture from damaging your ladder.

Yet, sometimes you’re left with no option but to keep your ladder outside. In that case, you must find a shady and dry spot, away from any corrosive chemicals.

12 Best Outside Ladder Storage Ideas In 2023

Whether or not you’ll need to store your ladder outdoors depends on many factors, such as where you live, how often you use it, and whether or not there are other ladders in your household. Whatever the case may be, here are some great ideas to help you find the best way to store ladders outside.

1. Lean Against The Wall Or Corner

If this is all you have available, then it’s better than nothing. However, it’s not recommended because it isn’t very stable and can fall over easily if bumped into.

First, you need to consider how close to the house you want your ladder. The best option would be to lean it against a flat surface like a garage or shed wall so that it doesn’t fall over as easily due to gravity pulling down on it.

2. Store Alongside A Porch

Your porch may be a good place to store your ladder. This is probably the most convenient way to store your ladder since you can easily carry it back and forth from the house to the yard.

However, this option may not be practical for everyone. If the ladder is too long for your porch or it doesn’t have enough room, this option won’t work for you.

3. Store It By The Barn

If you have a barn on your property, you can store your ladder there. If you don’t have enough room for an entire ladder, you can place just one section inside instead of storing it in its entirety.

Drilling a few hooks by a burn’s sidewall can be a great way to hang your ladder horizontally without making it drab-looking.

4. Attach A Ladder To An Outdoor Shed

A simple solution that’s easy to execute is to attach your ladder to the side of an outdoor shed. This will keep it away from the elements and out of sight. You can use either ladder brackets or a couple of screws or nails to secure it with ease.

5. Invest In A Ladder Rack

A ladder rack is designed specifically for storing ladders. These racks can hold multiple ladders at once and come in several designs.

Some people choose to purchase such a rack because they have more than one ladder that needs to be stored.

6. Hang Behind A Gated Door

A ladder can be hung behind a gated entrance in your garage if the space is high enough. You can attach hooks to the wall above the gate and then hang the ladder on them when not in use.

The hooks should be spaced out evenly to hold several rungs at once without tipping over or falling off. If you don’t want to drill holes into the wall, you can use wood screws instead; however, they won’t be as secure as nails or screws attached directly to studs inside the wall.

7. Use Your Backyard Firewood Holder

If you have an uncovered fire pit or chimney in your backyard, consider using it to store your ladder. These holders typically come with hooks on either side so that you can attach them to a car or truck bed or other surfaces where they’re needed.

A simple hook on the wall will provide enough support for most small ladders. But if your ladder is larger, try using two hooks instead of just one.

8. Store Under A Lean-to Or Carport

When you only have a small area outside but don’t have room for a wall mount, consider storing your ladders under a carport or lean-to. This keeps them protected from rain and snow while still being easy to access when needed.

9. Use An Arbor As A Ladder Rack

This is an excellent solution if you have an arbor or pergola in your yard. You can attach hooks underneath the arbor and hang up your ladders, so they’re out of the way but still close at hand when you need them.

This idea works best with straight-handled ladders that don’t have too many rungs on them. Otherwise, you might not be able to get them all on one hook at once.

10. Use A Rung Hanger

A rung hanger is basically an attachment that goes between each rung on your ladder and makes it easier for you to hang it up when not in use.

Depending on what kind of ladders you have at home, you can choose from different sizes and styles, so make sure that whatever type or size you buy will work with your specific model before making any purchases.

For example, if you’re looking for something for the right stairwell painting ladder, you’ll want one that’s adjustable and big enough to accommodate the length and width of the rungs.

11. Build A Wooden Rack

Build a wooden rack out of 2-by-4s and attach them together with screws or nails at each joint for strength and stability. Place the rack near an exterior wall to protect it from strong winds. Use brackets to hang your ladders on this rack so they won’t blow away when outside during storms or high winds.

12. Use A Ladder Hoist With A Pulley

You can use a rope hoist to make your outside ladder storage more accessible. This is especially useful if you have multiple ladders or are storing several long ladders. The rope hoist is made of a long section of rope with a hook on one end and a pulley on the other end.

The hook can be mounted on a deck railing and then attached to the bottom of the ladder and pulled up into storage. This lets you easily store your ladders without worrying about them falling over or taking up valuable floor space in your garage or shed.

Final Words

As you can see, there is no shortage of outside ladder storage ideas. And the best part is that most options work just as well as any other. The trick to finding what works best for you is simply to know how much space you have.

And if there isn’t enough room, perhaps a neighbor can help out? If there’s no possible storage option insight, maybe it’s time to consider a different ladder—the kind that stows away easily and doesn’t need outside storage at all!

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