How to Install a Pool Ladder in Concrete?

Perfectly installing a pool ladder in concrete has been a common issue among many users. Most pool owners tend to face trouble with this DIY process due to a lack of installation knowledge or guidance.

So, how to install a pool ladder in concrete then?

To be honest, the overall procedure is not rocket science and doesn’t require professional assistance. Grabbing the right tools, taking specific measurements, and tweaking the bolts can install your pool ladder in no time. 

Want to find out how it’s done? Continue reading to know all the steps to install your pool ladder in the most convenient way possible!

How to Install a Pool Ladder in Concrete? the Ultimate Step-By-Step Process

Through this 5 minutes read, you’ll have a complete and clear idea of the ways you can successfully install your pool ladder in a concrete swimming pool. However, one of the common mistakes that many people make is they tend not to read the instructions and steps thoroughly and screw up during the installation process.

How to Install a Pool Ladder in Concrete the Ultimate Step-By-Step Process

So, after you go through this entire section without skipping any of it, you’ll have your ladder installed in no time. Moreover, with this guide, you won’t even require the assistance of any professionals. This way, you’ll also save a considerable amount of money.

Let’s wait for no further and start with the step-by-step installation process.

Grab the Right Tools Beforehand

Last-moment preparations are never fruitful, especially when installing a pool ladder. So, it’s a must that you always pick the right tools before the head of time.

Arranging tools in the eleventh hour can seriously blunder your work and even hinder you during installation. Therefore, always make a list of the necessary tools that you’ll be requiring. If you find some of the tools expensive, you can rent them from any nearby hardware store. (…………)

Get Your Ladder Cups Ready for Measure

Get Your Ladder Cups Ready for Measure

The first step toward your installation process is taking the proper measurements. Now, this step needs to be precise for an accurate installation. So, to start with, you’ll need to take two measurements:

  1. The distance between the two ladder cups
  2. How far the ladders are from the pool edge

According to experts, you must be careful while taking these measurements. So, it’s always recommended that you mark the measurements with a pencil (if required).

Placing the Escutcheon on The Cement Slab

To hold and protect the ladder from displacing, you’ll need to put escutcheons on the cement slab.

Placing the Escutcheon on The Cement Slab

However, before you go on putting these escutcheons, you need to ensure that the ladder arms fit the escutcheons smoothly.

For the correct measurements, take the diameter of the escutcheons and ladder arms. And if they match, you can proceed to the next step.

Place the Ladder Slowly on The Cement Slab

The moment of truth! If you have carried out all the steps perfectly, you have the green light to place the ladder on the cement slab.

Place the Ladder Slowly on The Cement Slab

One of the effective ways to proceed is to hold the top of the ladder and slowly merge it into the slab. You can push the ladder slightly to ensure it fits firmly on the slab.

A side note: Make sure that your cement slab is completely dry so that when you place the ladder, it doesn’t damage the slab in any way. Moreover, all the procedures would be null and void if your cement is still wet. So, once the slab is dry, place the escutcheons on the placement holes of the slab.

The Final Wrenching

In this final step, all you need to do is tighten the bolts with a wrench. However, to carry out this process, you need to have a flexible jaw wrench and ensure that your ladder is perfectly stable and firm.

Once you have all the checklists, you can start tightening the bolts of the ladder. Although, we’ll recommend that you take things slow here, as hurrying or forcing the bolts can put dents on the ladder.

Alternative to Ladders for Pool Access

Whether it is due to physical disabilities or certain medical conditions, pool ladders might not be an ideal pick for many individuals. But there are alternatives that you can pick to enjoy and get access to your pool.

Here are some of the alternatives that you can indeed choose:

Slops or Steps

Slops or steps can be a great alternative to pool ladders, especially if you are afraid of ladder heights or can’t swim. You can easily access your pool whenever you want with a step or slop. This will keep you more active, and you don’t need to skip your regular swimming sessions.


Poolpod has been a fantastic alternative to pool ladders. It can be an ideal choice if you face issues with climbing or coming down the ladder. The robust and fantastic design of Poolpods also gives a different and unique look to your poolside. So, whether it be joint pains or sciatica, you won’t need to bother going up and down the steps to enjoy your swimming.

Bottom Line

So, after this 5-minutes read, you should now know how to install a pool ladder in concrete without the assistance of professionals or experts. However, one thing you must remember is to gather all the necessary tools before installation and ensure the measurements you take are flawless.

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