About Us

What is Ladder Lover?

Ladderlover is a collection of top-quality ladders for different activities. Here you’ll find different types of ladders for your different types of activities. Like, ladders for the elderly, Telescopic ladders, ladders for painting, ladders for cleaning gutters,  etc.

Ladderlover is operated by a group of team members who have expert knowledge of the ladder. It doesn’t matter what type of ladder you need; we have a collection of every ladder you may need. Creating this site’s only goal is to guide you to the best ladder without wasting your time and effort.

How Our Products Are Rated

We have developed an advanced system to rate our product. Our team members work together in a well-organized process to complete our product rating process. Based on our team member’s skills, we have divided our team members into three groups.

The first group meets the market research and investigation process, the Second group analyzes the research findings, and the third group checks the data validity and writes a product review with a complete buying guideline in detail.

How We Make the Product Reviews?

Market Investigation

Market research is the very first stage in our product review process. In this stage, our research and investigation team study the present condition of the market, and we look for the top-quality product of the most popular brand.

Key Features Identifications

Every brand tries to differentiate their product by adding some extra features, which helps them increase the price of the product. Our expert team deeply analyzes those features and separates the core features of that particular product. By identifying the core features that are most important for the customers, we can select the best budget-friendly product.

Products Selection

Through product features identification, we primarily select the top product of the best brand. While choosing the product for our visitors, we mainly concentrate on the top-selling product that its users highly accept.

Reviews Analysis

Analyzing the genuine buyer’s review is an essential task in our product review process. In this stage, we study the reviews and feedbacks of genuine buyers to get an idea of the product’s real-life experience. To complete the review analysis process precisely, we also designed an advanced system that detects unnatural reviews to only focus on genuine buyers’ honest reviews.

Product Ranking

All the products you find on our site are coming through a ranking process. In the product ranking process, we give a positive score to our listed products based on their characteristics, features, functionality, and price. The higher the score, the better rank.

Reviews Writing

Once our expert team complete their research and analyzing process, they forwarded the data to our writing team. Then writing team re-check the data and start writing the product review within a detailed description.

Buying Guide

Buying guide is the final stage of our review writing process. In buying guide, we sum up all of the analysis and findings to guide you to the best product within your budget and requirement.

Who Are We?

Joseph Stevens

Joseph is the creator of Ladderlover, and he’s also an editor of this site. Another identity of Joseph is, he’s a full-time businessman. He operated three chain stores where he sells different types of ladders. While running his business, he found that most customers don’t have adequate knowledge about this tool. As a result, they purchased the wrong one and didn’t get the actual benefit from their tools. Joseph create this site to help them and others who are facing the same problem.

Aaron B. Hill

Aaron is the chief editor and the leader of our research team. He worked for a ladder manufacturing company for six years. There is simply nothing that he doesn’t know about this tool. That’s what pushes us to bring him into our team so that we can conduct the best research under his supervision.

David R. Garza

David is a creative writer. It’s been almost a decade; he’s in the writing profession. Before here, David worked for a renowned magazine firm for a very long time. Recently, he joins our writing team, and we elected him as the head of our writing team because of his vast experience and skill in this department.

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