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Hello, I’m Joseph, I’ve created this site to help people who are facing difficulties in purchasing the right ladder for their specific task. By profession, I’m a businessman, and I learn about the ladder for my business purpose. While running my business, I saw that most of my customers don’t have adequate knowledge about this tool. Consequently, they are not getting the proper benefit from it. That’s why I create this site to help them and others who are facing the same problem.

Joseph Stevens
Do Fiberglass Ladders Conduct Electricity

Do Fiberglass Ladders Conduct Electricity? [Expert Reviews Ladder Safety]

Research of the Consumer Products Safety Commission showed, about 65,000 people get admitted into hospitals annually in the United States due to ladder accidents. A large number of these accidents are related to electricity even after using fiberglass ladders. You may ask, what is the problem with these ladders? Do fiberglass ladders conduct electricity? The …

Do Fiberglass Ladders Conduct Electricity? [Expert Reviews Ladder Safety] Read More »

How to Transport a Ladder in a Pickup Truck

Safest Ways To Transport A Ladder In A Pickup Truck

Poorly loaded and secured cargo on vehicles leads to road accidents at an alarming number. In fact, a study conducted by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that road debris cause more than 25,000 car crashes in the U.S. each year. This is especially important while transporting a ladder since its large size makes it

Ladder Height Calculator: Find The Right Ladder Length With Ease!

Ideal ladder height is the first thing you need to know to be safe before purchasing it. According to NACHI, a significant amount of workplace injuries happen because of ignoring the height factor. Now, how will you figure which ladder height is perfect for the site? Is there are a leader height calculator you can

6 Ways To Tie Off A Ladder For Workspace & Home Safety

The rainy season is approaching, and you have a bunch of holes on the roof. Nothing is more frustrating than that when it comes to maintenance jobs that need climbing. Well, it’s an easy DIY job really. But both as a time-consuming job and a risky one, you must secure the ladder while working. For

Can You Put A Ladder Against A Gutter

How To Get On Roof Without Damaging Gutter?

Whether you have a single-story home or a double-story one, getting on the roof is something you’d do once in a while. At least after every fall to check on the gutter and roof shingles. What comes into the transition is damaging the gutter while putting the ladder against it. Since the gutter is usually

8 Best Ladder For Painting 2 Story House In 2023

Want to DIY your house painting and can’t find the best ladder for painting 2 story house? There is no doubt that a good quality ladder is one of the most important pieces of equipment in our house. Especially, when you think about giving your house new paint. There are many criteria that you should

Best Ladder for Painting Stairwell

The 5 Best Ladder for Painting Stairwell in 2023

Having a good-quality ladder for panting is nothing but a goldmine. You can safely reach the stairwell to clean it off and attach tapes to the parts you don’t want to paint. The ladders will also add stability and increase efficiency in your overall painting works. However, you have to look at a few factors

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