Can Ladders Be Repaired? [Find Out Where You Can Repair Yours In 2023]

A non-functional ladder, for a technician or a homeowner, can be a big problem. You realize this better when you have a height to climb, but the ladder isn’t in service. Before replacing the old ladder, the first question that peeps into your mind is, can ladders be repaired? Is it possible in the first place?

Yes, ladders can be repaired. With proper tools and know-how, you can surely get your ladder repaired and use it again. 

But another relevant question comes along. Is repairing ladders safe? There are debates on this topic, and we are here to make you understand the whole thing from a neutral perspective.

Let’s step into the first ladder rung to find out what is waiting for us at the top.

Can You Repair Ladders If Broken?

Ladders are mostly made of aluminum or fiberglass. Though you will still see some wooden ladders in some places, aluminum ladders are the most common. Before buying ladders, you must ensure the ladder is certified by a credible authority.

Can Ladders Be Repaired

For example, Xtend+Climb has a vast collection of ladders that are completely compliant with different certifications like OSHA/ANSI, UL, CSA, TUV, etc. No matter what ladder you buy and how durable it is, in some phases of its life, it will face cracks or splits.

You might think, what should you do with a broken ladder. Let us assure you; you can repair the ladder to use it for an extended period. But while repairing, you should keep some things in mind.

  • Not everyone is suitable for aluminum ladder repair. Only certified professionals should repair a ladder.
  • Always try to conform to certifications to avoid any potential injury or lawsuit.
  • Don’t ever try to repair a broken or damaged stile of any ladder. It will affect the integrity of the ladder and create unnecessary risks of ladder accidents.
  • In some cases, repairing a ladder might cost more than replacing it with a new one. So, take decisions wisely.

Why Would You Need A Ladder Repaired?

Whether you use a ladder for painting stairwell or roofing work, ladder safety is the first priority in any of these cases. If your ladder has any cracks or splits, it might be very dangerous.

Plus, you need to maintain certain safety standards. Extension ladder repair can consist of different things like welding or lubing ladder parts, inspecting them for errors, etc.

It is always suggested to get the ladder repaired by the manufacturer. If that’s not possible in any case, you need to contact a certified person to repair the ladder. In most cases, the repaired ladder doesn’t get back to its original safety state.

So, be cautious about repairing it well before using it again. Using a poorly repaired ladder can lead to serious injuries. You might also face a large sum of fines for using uncertified ladders.

Who Can Repair My Ladder?

Not everyone can repair your ladder. What does this mean? This means if you need to get your ladder repaired, you need someone who has a lot of experience in doing this.

A ladder repair company like this can be a suitable option to repair your ladder to the original standard.

But if you don’t find that feasible, you can also try a professional who has proper fiberglass ladder repair kits in his/her arsenal to face the issue.

How To Repair Your Ladder?

Among different types of ladders, aluminum ladders are extremely lightweight and have easy carrying features. But sometimes, the material can soften and bent. If you are up to repairing it yourself, here will be the detailed process of doing it. Alongside, you will also get to know some common fixes of ladders.

General Repair

You should always hold the ladder with a vise while working on it. This way, you will have the most comfortable surface to work on. For fixing small bents, you can strike the area gently with a hammer. But make sure you don’t strike too hard; otherwise, the ladder will catch a dent.

Also, you need to use duct tape to cover the surface where you strike to keep the ladder from getting visible marks.

Fixing Button Hinges

These hinges are responsible for the opening and closing of foldable ladders. Once they are damaged, the ladder won’t fold or unfold smoothly. In such cases, you need to extend the ladder to the longest position.

You can either place the ladder on the floor or workbench while removing button hinges. After pulling out the old locking system, you can install a new one. Keep repeating the process for all the damaged hinges.

Fix Lock Tab Assemblies

If lock tabs on your ladder are damaged, the ladder won’t stay in place and cause serious injuries to you. To prevent this, you should inspect for faulty lock tabs and repair them as soon as you notice any.

This can be a time-consuming process if you aren’t experienced enough. Usually, rivet heads are removed with a hammer and chisel. But be careful so that you don’t damage any other part while removing this.

After removing the old tab, you can clean the area thoroughly before installing a new tab. Do this step carefully so that everything is installed in the right position and orientation.

Extra Tips

  • If you find any sharp or pointy area in the ladder after the repair is done, don’t forget to smooth it out or cover it with rubber or duct tape.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure while repairing ladders. Work gently.
  • If crucial parts of a ladder are damaged, don’t repair it. Rather, you should replace the ladder with a portable ladder.

The Bottom Line

The importance of a good quality ladder can’t be disregarded ever because a broken ladder can be dangerous. So, we tried to answer one of the most commonly asked questions about ladders, can ladders be repaired or not!

Though they can be, you should also consider other aspects of the whole process so that you don’t put yourself and others at risk. Be a bit more patient before you decide to repair your old ladder.

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