How to Make A Ladder Roof Hook? [A Complete DIY Guide To Ladder Hooks]

A roof ladder hook is a ladder accessory that fits to your regular ladder and sits on the roof. It allows your ladder to be converted to a roof ladder safely. Without them, you would have to buy a separate ladder specially designed for climbing onto your roof.

DIY projects got more popular than ever in the past few years. Having a ladder hook can help you get small roof works done without hiring a professional service. Now, what about DIYing the ladder hook as well? Sounds fun!

In this article, we’ll see how to make a ladder roof hook, all by yourself, with both metal and wood. Whichever resources you have at your disposal to work with, let’s see how you can make your next DIY project come true.

What Are Roof Ladder Hooks & How Do They Work?

Roof ladder hooks are accessories that come with wheel(s) in the front, to roll over the roof. You’ll also get two hooks on both ends of the pipe/rod going oposite directions.

They are attached to your ladder by clamping them down with j bolts and wing nuts. Then you can roll the hook up to the top of your ladder and rest the hooks on the opposite side of the roof.

Are Roof Ladder Hooks Safe To Use?

Roof ladder hooks are very safe to use if you’re making it strong. They will make using your ladder for roof work much safer. If you’re working on your roof, you may need to move up and down the roof several times. Having a secure attachment from your ladder to the roof adds safety to the ladder.

Even if you have a ladder for painting a 2 story house, things can be just fine with a good roof hook attatched to it. You can carrry on your painting or roof maintenance while having the ladder stongly fit to your roof with the help of a ladder hook.

Make Your DIY Ladder Roof Hook: Tools & Materials You’ll Need

Making your own ladder roof hook is an easy DIY job.  Like any other DIY jobs, this will be more cost effective than buying a new roof ladder hook.  This means that you will be sure it will fit your ladder when you make it yourself.

Here’s the list of the tools and materials you will need:

  • 45-degree angle joined pieces of wood.
  • One blow torch
  • Some metal clamps
  • A bar made of metal measuring between 3/8 to 2 inches
  • Rebar cutter
  • Circular saw
  • 1×4 inch lumber

How To Make A Ladder Roof Hook

Use the following steps:

Step-1: Form the hook

Bend both pieces of metal into hooks. These will form the hook part of the ladder. You can use a rebar cutter to do the trick for you.

No rebar cutter? A ladder hook kit comes with the hook part of the ladder ready to fit the rest of the project.

Measure the length that you will need for the length needed to fit on the roof. Then you can cut the pieces of wood to that length.

Step-2: Take proper measurements

Using the pen, mark the railing where the rungs will be attached. The rungs should be placed every 12 inches along the rail. 1×4 lumber will be used to make the rungs.

The width of the lumber is going to be 3 ½ inches. So, the marks on the rail will be that wide as well.

Use the circular saw to start making cuts in on the areas marked off. The cuts should be 3 ½ inches to fit the rungs.

Step-3: Attatching the pieces

The rungs will measure 16 inches long, so cut the lumber to this length. Use 2 screws at each side of the rungs to secure them properly. Connect the rungs to the rails.

Fit the rungs into the cuts on the rails. Secure them in place, using a drill. Cut two more points on the rail where it will go on the roof. Attach the rungs there as well. 

Step-4: Setting the hook up

The areas where the rails rest on the roof can be fitted with non-slip padding. This will also cause less damage to roofing shingles.

Once you have everything in place, go ahead and place the larger hook side on the ridge of the roof.

After that, you can slide the ladder onto the hook’s loose end, flip it, and let it snap in and rest.

Safety Tips to Maintain While Making A Ladder Roof Hook

Making the the ladder hook will be a fun job if you do it safely. Here are the safety tips you have to follow to get the job done without accidents:

  • You can tie your ladder in addition to using the roof hooks. This will add another layer of safety.
  • If your roof has a pitch angle less than 25 degrees or more than 45 degrees, the roof ladder hook should not be used.
  • The ladder should not be too heavy for the roof, nor the hook should be too lightweight to bear the weight of the ladder with you on.
  • If you have a two-story house, make sure you have the right ladder in the first place. You can attach your ladder roof hook to your extension ladder.


We hope this article has helped you make your own hook instead of buying one. Now that you know how to make a ladder roof hook, the simple DIY job should help you climb your roof more safely.

You should also follow the safety tips when using this type of ladder. Besides, use only good material to build the hook, or you might end up breaking the hook or damaging the roof.

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