How To Hang Ladder In Garage? Explained In 5 Easy Steps!

Keeping your garage organized is essential to prevent wear and infest. For instance, if you don’t use the ladder often, you would want it safely secured without taking too much space. However, storing ladders in the garage is not easy due to their large sizes.

So, how to hang a ladder in the garage? You can hang a ladder in a garage either vertically or horizontally. Hanging the ladder horizontally against the wall is the most secure way. However, hanging a ladder requires strong hooks or ropes to prevent the ladder from falling off the support.

In the post, I’ll show you how to hang a ladder in the garage, the tools you’ll need, and discuss why you should hang ladders in a garage to begin with.

Why Should You Hang A Ladder In The Garage?

The main purpose of hanging a ladder in the garage is to save space. Take a ladder to clean gutters, for example. How often do you clean gutters? Probably once or twice a year. You need to have the ladder safely stored. Additionally, you need to have the ladder taking minimal space in your garage.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hang Ladder In Garage

Having a big extension ladder is great, especially for various DIY tasks. The ladder extends easily and can reach high places. With ladders, you can perform repairs, cleaning, bulb changes, painting, and much more.

Most people tend to store their tools and equipment in the garage. The tools and equipment might involve tasks that require climbing or working on high areas. This is why keeping your ladder in the garage makes sense.

However, their enormous size is a big concern when it comes to storage. Hanging the ladder on the wall or ceiling helps save on storage space.

Additionally, it ensures the ladder is secure in place. You can imagine a ladder falling from a wall and the kind of injuries and damage it can cause. So, it’s essential to have a ladder hanging correctly in the garage.

How To Hang A Ladder In The Garage?

Hanging a ladder in the garage looks like a simple task. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Do it the wrong way, and you’ll have the ladder falling on people and tools in the garage.

How To Hang Ladder In Garage

So, how do you hang a ladder in the garage? Before I even get started, let’s see the tools you’ll need.

What You’ll Need To Hang A Ladder In The Garage

There are several things you’ll need to store a ladder in the garage. The tools and items required vary depending on how you want to hang the ladder. You can consider simple DIY or use some pre-made tools.

Below, I’ll discuss some of the tools you’ll need to hang a ladder in a garage. They include:

1. Hooks

Ladder storage hooks are an excellent solution for hanging the ladder to the ceiling or wall. Make sure you choose matching ladder hooks. For example, heavier and longer ladders require strong and heavy-duty hooks.


There are vertical and horizontal ladder hooks. The hooks are usually screwed into the wall or ceiling. However, don’t hang a ladder vertically from the top. There are high chances it could fall off and cause damage.

Some hooks are screwed into the wall allowing the ladder to fit vertically. It’s recommended you use more than one hook and have them separated by a few inches.

2. Stud Finder

You don’t need to drill directly into the wall. Ladders can be mounted on studs. Use a stud finder and locate the position of studs and supporting joists.

3. Level and Pencil

You also need a level and pencil to ensure the ladder is level. You want to mark where to drill and ensure everything aligns. The level is held against the wall until the bubble is in the middle.

4. Ladder rack

Apart from hooks, you can also use a ladder rack. You install these pre-made tools on a wall and simply hang your ladder. There are varieties of racks to consider.

Ladder rack

Ladder racks are crucial, especially when hanging the ladder on the ceiling.

5. Drill and brackets

You will use a drill to drill holes and fix the hooks. A simple cordless drill can get the job done. In addition, make sure you get brackets to further secure the ladder.

6. Screwdriver

Lastly, you’ll need a screwdriver to secure the screws.

5 Steps To Hang A Ladder In The Garage

How to hang a ladder in the garage? You can hang a ladder vertically on the wall or horizontally on the garage ceiling. Follow the steps below to do it the right way.

Step 1: Measure ladder length

You need to measure the ladder length and ensure it will fit the intended space. How long is the ladder? Do you have enough wall or ceiling space?

Once you have precise measurements, you can decide on the right spot to hang the ladder.

Step 2: Locate joists

Using a stud finder, make sure you locate studs and joists. You need to find the supporting beams behind the walls before drilling. Get a stud finder and carefully locate the beams and electric cables.

Step 3: Mark the brack locations

Next, use a level and a pencil to mark the location of the brackets.

The level features a bubble in the middle that ensures your marks align. Make sure the bubble is at the center.

Step 4: Drill holes for the brackets

With markers ready and in place, hold the ladder up and ensure the ladder rungs don’t overlap with the holes. Drill the brackets into the wall and use matching screws to secure them.

Drill and brackets

Step 5: Fix hooks and ladder rails

Depending on the design of the brackets, you can fix the hooks and ladder brackets. This will then hold your ladder in place. Most brackets feature screws where you can tighten the ladder and ensure it stays in place.

Apart from using brackets, you can install hooks directly into the wall. Ensure the hooks are installed into the garage studs and not screws previously installed.


There you go! Hopefully, this article answers your question about how to hang a ladder in the garage. Hanging a ladder in the garage is simpler than you thought. You just need the right tools and have free space on the wall or ceiling. Make sure you use strong hooks and brackets that match the ladder weight.

Hanging a ladder in the garage is essential for saving on space. As a precaution, make sure folded ladders lock into place securely before storing. You don’t want the ladder unlocking while hanging.

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