10 Best Adjustable Ladder For Stairs | Tested & Reviewed In 2023

Using a ladder for cleaning or maintenance jobs is never easy. But it adds an extra layer of risk if you have to place the ladder on the stair. I mean, how the heck do you place a ladder on such an uneven surface? This calls for a ladder that you can adjust any way you like, but not all ladders are up for the task. And to prevent any unwanted accidents, you’ll definitely need the best adjustable ladder for stairs.

In this post, our expert team has physically tested and reviewed the top 10 multi-purpose stair ladders for you to choose the right fit. Let’s dig deep and find out which one is best for you.

Why Get An Adjustable Ladder For Stairs?

Falls are the number one cause of workplace fatalities in the construction industry.

This fact alone is quite alarming, regardless of the context. But often these fatalities are linked to ladders. Construction worker, home repair, or painters- all these professions require you to use ladders at some point. And if you have to deal with stairs, your best bet is an adjustable ladder.

Bottom line is, you will need an adjustable stair ladder to avoid any fatal or non-fatal accidents. Besides, adjustable ladders are quite efficient to use, increase productivity, and save time.For instance-

Most people use a wooden platform to adjust the ladder on uneven stair steps. They have to spend extra energy and cost (wood cost) for this if they do it themselves. But, if they don’t do it themselves, the carpenter’s charge will be added. Another drawback of this leveler is its fixed height. That’s why it isn’t helpful for all kinds of stairs.

Some people also use plastic-made step stools or chair and stool combinations to reach their required height. But this is also an old-school and unsafe concept.

On the contrary, you can easily set an adjustable ladder on the stairs without the wooden leveler. It is easy to adjust the ladder’s height, safe to climb by holding tools, and stable.

Comparison Chart:

Let’s have a quick overview about our selected ladders basic features. It’ll help you determine your right ladder’s materials, height, and weight.

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A Complete Review Of The 10 Best Adjustable Ladder For Stairs

Now, it’s time to read the detailed review of all the ladders to know their adjustability, flexibility, and using process.

1. Little Giant Velocity Ladders: Best Overall

The Little Giant Velocity Ladder is our overall performer because of its all-in-one capability. Its sturdy and safe build, flexible position adjustment, and easy mobility make it one of the best ladder in the step ladders industry.

Robust built:

Its frame is made with heavy-duty aluminum, which makes it durable to load a maximum of 300 pounds. So if you are a heavy guy and even carry some heavy tools for your project when climbing the ladder, its treads won’t flick. So, you’ll feel secure when using it.

Multiple height adjustment:

The engineers designed it uniquely by considering users’ height, weight, maximum reaching possibility (13,17,22,26 feet), and climbing skills. Moreover, you can use this ladder differently depending on your requirements.

You can set it as an A-frame step ladder for even space, Staircase ladder by adjusting its individual leg on the stair step, and 90-degree positioning ladder for wall mode.

To reach the ceiling or 22′ height its extension mode is excellent, and for scaffolding mode you can use trestle and plank. (You have to buy the accessories separately)

Simple locking mechanism:

Height adjustment with an efficient, simple hinge and palm button locking mechanism makes it easy to use for all circumstances. You have to unlock the hinge lock and palm button, set the ladder accurately by adjusting your position and ceiling height, then unlock the locks to secure it. So that the ladder’s height will be fixed and you can comfortably climb it with complete confidence.


No matter what you have to do, cleaning your gutters, top ceiling fans, or trimming trees, it will be your perfect partner for all the jobs. However, it comes with integrated ratchet leg levelers to use the ladder on uneven surfaces for smooth climbing. You can easily bring a surface balance by pulling the lower side leg’s ratchet leg leveler to ensure safe navigation.

Easy to store and transport:

Since this is a step ladder and there is no fixed space to use it, it’s obvious you have to move it once you complete your task. The ladder is attached with tip and glide wheels to drag it along via the wheels.

That’s why you don’t need to carry it in your hand. You can store the ladder in any small space by bringing its smallest size to your garage or storeroom.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 67Lx27Wx9H inches
  • Extension maximum height: 22′
  • Step ladder maximum height: 13’2″
  • Storage height: 5′ 7″
  • Storage depth: 9″
  • Item weight: 39 lbs (17.70 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Quick Facts

  • Meets all ANSI and OSHA standards to ensure safety
  • Easy to use in its multi-position as straight, staircase, and A-frame
  • 5’6″ to 9’6″ step ladder height adjustment
  • The rungs are enough sturdy to keep it stable while climbing
  • Well built ensures the safest climb
  • The fast and secure locking mechanism
  • Easy to adjust “on the fly” mode as a step ladder
  • Wheels make it easy to push around
  • The smaller persons find it challenging to manage its heavyweight

Why Do We Recommend It?

You will love its length, flexibility, and compact storage size. Well-thought-out design, rock locks, palm buttons, feet, and wheels make it a must have ladder for most homeowners. When using it, just be careful to avoid catching your fingers in the joint rotation lock.

2. Cosco Telescoping Ladder: Best For Multi-Position

Are you looking for an efficient, durable, and multi-position ladder for your household or indoor tasks? If so, then the Cosco Telescoping Ladder will be the best bet for you. It comes with 5 different configuration height adjustments to meet all your expectations.

Multiple Height Adjustment:

You’ll need a customized ladder because all the space in your house won’t have the same height. By keeping it in mind, the engineers of this ladder efficiently designed it to set it up in different positions at different heights.

You can reach a maximum of 10′ with stair position, 9′ with wall position, 18′ with extension position, 10′ with two-person or A-frame position, and 8′ with scaffold position. That means you can use it according to your requirements and reach any height with no hassle.

Easy to use:

There is no hard and fast rule to set up a ladder on the stairs and climb it. You have first to round the spring lock system to open the ladder and set it in the A-frame position. Now you can use it on even ground to reach the required height.

Next, if you want to use it for stair or wall position, unlock the locking pin to adjust its height. Then place it on the stair, climb it to paint the wall, hang or remove the photos, etc. To use it as a wall position, set the lower side of the ladder with the wall, and climb the opposite side of the ladder.

Quality construction:

The ladder frame is made with commercial-grade aluminum and “I” box beams. So it is strong enough to support a massive load up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the feet and rungs are slip-resistant so that you feel stable by standing on top rungs. Not only that, the step treads of the ladder are more comfortable to stand on than the round rungs.

Lightweight and easy storage:

It is super lightweight than most stair ladders. So anyone can carry it to move it from one place to another with little strength. Even when it is in its fold form, you can easily hide it behind your wardrobe, study table, or countertop. As a result, the ladder won’t require any extra space to keep when you don’t use it.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 7.68L x 23.03W x 54.92H inches
  • Maximum height: 18′
  • Item weight: 32 lbs (14 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 8′ to 18′ maximum height adjustability
  • Aluminum made ladder won’t catch rust
  • Smooth rubber coating spring lock system
  • The feets are slip-resistant to prevent slippery falls.
  • Excellent versatility and stability
  • Ensure safety and security with sturdy built
  • Easy to handle for one person
  • Well worth your every buck
  • You should carefully climb it for sharp edges

Why Do We Recommend It?

Super easy multiple height adjustment, maximum supportive capacity, safe climbing on every position, and durability will justify your buying decision as a multi-position ladder for stairs.

3. Little Giant Revolutionary Ladders: Best Innovative Design

If you need a ladder that you can adjust to do anything according to your requirements, then Little Faint Revolutionary Ladder is for you. Its exclusive, innovative, and multi-purpose design can meet all your expectations.

Sturdy construction:

No matter the purpose of using the ladder, it should be strong enough to load your weight and be stable. This ladder is made with high-quality aluminum that is water and rust-proof. Once you secure its hinge and rock locks, the ladder position will be fixed as a solid object. As a result, you can effortlessly and safely climb it to serve your purpose.

Innovative design:

Usually, a ladder is used for a straight position, right? But, while you have this ladder, you are free from this binding. The ladder is designed by opening 5 different options to use it. A-frame design is good to use for both sides to climb 2 persons.

The extension design is excellent to reach a maximum of 22 feet. 90° angled staircase design fits it on any long-distance stair with easy navigation. The leg leveler ratchet design is perfect on an uneven surface or short staircase. If you spend some extra penny for buying trestle and plank, you can also use it as a scaffold position.

Easy adjustment mechanism:

As the ladder comes with multi-position adjustment, the position adjustment mechanism is extremely easy and fast. You can increase the ladder’s  length, by unlocking the solid stainless steel hinge, and squeezing the rock locks. It doesn’t require too much strength to unlock and lock the hinge and rock locks. As a result, a weak person also does it without others’ help.

Effortless mobility:

A 22 feet ladder is huge, and it’s challenging to move from one job place to another by carrying it on hand. The Little Giant can understand your pain, so the ladder is attached with tip and glide wheels for easy movement. You can effortlessly transport the ladder holding its top treads and pulling.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 68L x 28W x 9H inches
  • Extension maximum height: 22′
  • Step ladder maximum height: 13’2″
  • Storage height: 5′ 7″
  • Storage depth: 9″
  • Item weight: 46 lbs (20.86 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 5 inches leveling adjustment with the levelers ratchet
  • Meet all ANSI and OSHA safety standards to ensure safety
  • Flexible height adjustment for easy use
  • 2 persons climbing at a time
  • Well built that ensures year-round performance
  • Multiple functionalities to meet your all requirements
  • Efficient and easy using locking system
  • Excellent stability for all height adjustment
  • A bit louder

Why Do We Recommend It?

A Unique, lightweight, and compact design with secure and stable feet must make you happy when using it. You can adjust its height as you like, so we can say you won’t regret this potential purchase.

4. Werner MT-22 Telescoping Ladders: Best Telescope Ladder for Staircase

Warner is a very popular brand among the ladders using community because of its durable, versatile, and portable ladders. This time we pick its MT22 model telescoping step ladders for you to set it on the staircase and do your work with comfort.

Multiple functionalities:

Everybody likes to own a telescoping ladder to solve their multi-purpose functionality to avoid separate ladder buying hassle. By keeping it in mind, the ladder is designed to use in different ways in different circumstances.

The staircase step ladder position helps you use it on the stairs to paint the walls, hang photos, or set fluorescent bulbs. You can reach your roof and attic by leaning the ladder with the wall and positioning it in extension mode. The twin step ladder mode is excellent when there is no support to lean it to reach a specific height.

Professional quality:

No matter for what purpose you use the ladder, a professional-grade ladder uplift your confidence about its safety assurance. It is made with heavy-duty aluminum that ensures its durability and stability.

The double-riveted steps of the ladder are slip-resistant, so there is no risk of slippery falling when climbing the ladder. It can load 300 pounds of weight without wobbling. So you should not think twice about your size, weight, and the things you carry when choosing this ladder.

Easy to use:

You can easily change its height (extension position, twin step position, and storage position) by using its push-knob locking hinges and “J” lock. On top-notch, anybody can do it with a bit of pressure as it requires a little strength.

However, once you change its length, you must secure the locks to fix their position. Otherwise, when you climb the ladder, it may flick and be the cause of an accident.

Safe climbing:

The step treads of the ladder are specious to climb it comfortably. Even, the ladder has smooth curved rails to hold them to get support when changing its treads. As the step rungs are finished smoothly, so there is no risk of getting pinches on your fingers.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 8L x 20W x 69H inches
  • Extension maximum height: 22′
  • Step ladder maximum height: 9′
  • Item weight: 42 lbs (19 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 11′ to 19′ extension mode height adjustment
  • 5′ to 9′ step ladder mode height adjustment
  • Slip resistant and non marring feet treads
  • Excellent workmanship ensure maximum stability
  • Versatile for various heights and projects
  • The locks and pins are simple to use
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • A little bit heavy

Why Do We Recommend It?

Anyone looking for a top-quality multifunction ladder for stair will love it for its easy height adjustment, telescoping design, comfortability and stability.

5. Stealth Multifunction Telescoping Ladder: Best Budget Ladder

Is your budget limited, but you need a multifunctional step ladder to reach the attic, ceiling, or stair top wall? No worries! The Stealth Multifunction Telescoping Ladder is here for you. It comes with all step ladders features and benefits, but the price is absolutely lower than most step ladders.

Solid built and comfortable:

The company used high-quality and professional-grade aluminum to make this ladder. Since the material is rust-resistant, there is no chance of catching rust when you use it in wet weather.

Even many people complain about the sharp edges of the ladder and getting pinched, which is very painful and uncomfortable. But, this ladder’s treads are well finished that help you climb it without pinching your fingers.

Moreover, if you have to stand on the ladder for a longer time to complete your task, you feel comfortable and won’t suffer from leg fatigue because of its heel-to-toe support.

Easy height adjustment:

It is designed for multiple positions (A-frame, extension, staircase, 90° angled, and wall). You can easily set up this ladder on any even, uneven, or stair ground by adjusting its height.

To change its configuration, you have to unlock the push-lock hinge and “J” lock from both sides to extend its length. Once you get your required length by tapping the push lock and “J” lock, you can relock it for use. That means you don’t need to know any rocket science to use it.

Stability and safety:

The non-slip end cap and wide-flared legs ensure optimal stability and safety when you climb the ladder. So you can confidently use it on any surface, even high and low stairs. It can efficiently support 300 pounds (industrial Types A1 load capacity).

So if you are the tallest person with a heavyweight and also have to put up some heavy tools to assist your job, you don’t need to think about these issues. You just keep in mind the three points rule to climb the ladder to avoid wobbling. That’s all.

Portability and easy storage:

Two big flexible wheels are attached to the ladder’s legs to easily move it from job to job without facing any challenges. Bring the ladder to its storage position, lean the wheel’s side towards you and push it to move. Only this simple feature makes it more convenient for you if you are a weak person and can’t carry a ladder on your shoulder.

Once you have done your job, hide it back on your bed, table, desk, or countertop (if you don’t have a garage or storeroom). However, if you have a garage or storeroom, you can easily keep it there.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Package Dimensions: 56L x 25W x 8H inches
  • Maximum height: 17′
  • Storage height: 4’4″
  • Item weight: 38.6 lbs (17.5 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 7’1″ to 4’4″ A-frame mode length adjustability
  • Maximum 11’2″ stair mode height adjustment
  • Non-slip legs’ pads ensure super grip on all surface
  • Easy and fast lock and unlocking mechanism
  • Soils built ensures safety and durability
  • It is super easy to adjust its height
  • Bottom’s rolling wheels make it easy to move around
  • Small enough to fit in the back of a truck.
  • If it comes with ratchet leg levelers, that will be better

Why Do We Recommend It?

This budget-friendly ladder is ideal when you need to work on stairs or your raised deck. You also love this ladder for its easy adjustable length, durability, and mobility. So for a tight budget, it is the most appropriate adjustable stair ladder for you.

6. Little Giant AirDeck Accessory Ladders: Best Lightweight Ladder for Stairs

Little Giant designed and produced its select step and AirDeck accessories step ladder by considering those who have to use different tools while climbing it to serve their multiple purposes. It is super lightweight and you can easily adjust its height in multiple positions depending on your project’s requirements.

Excellent stability:

Without stability, climbing a ladder to reach a specific height for doing your task is very risky. In that case, back of your mind, you will think anytime you can fall from it. Right?

But, when you have this Little Giant select step ladder, you will be amazed by noticing its outstanding stability even when you use it in its extended position. And it’s possible because of the well-balanced design and quality materials.

As its leg will offer excellent grip on the surface, it will be stable in every position. So if you have acrophobia, you can confidently choose this ladder.

Easy to use:

You can use this ladder in different configurations (A-frame, 90° angled, and staircase). Now, you may have a question about changing its position; is that easy?

We’ll answer, “Yes.” By following two simple steps, you can change its position. If you board its comfort grab, it will be set in the A-frame position, and by that, you can reach up to 12 feet. And if you want to get its storage position, you need to close the comfort grab.

By squeezing the bottom of the rock lock, you can maximize its one-side steps and by pulling the other side’s selective grip, you can maximize the second side steps. You need to follow this direction to set the ladder to its staircase, or 90° angle position.


If you have to stand on the ladder for a long time, it may cause leg fatigue unless you feel comfortable. The wide treads of the ladder will ensure your toe to heel comfort, safety, and security.

Since you can stand the ladder by maintaining a good balance, you can comfortably stand and concentrate on what you are doing, whether decorating stair walls or painting.

AirDeck accessories board:

You must need different types of tools to complete your task. Moreover, it’s very inconvenient to seek help from others to get the tools when climbing the ladder. The ladder comes with a removable AirDeck accessories board with different shaped ports to release you from this pain.

You can easily keep your workstation’s tools (hammer, screwdriver, screws, nuts, bolts, paints, etc.) on the board. The ladder’s top cap has two different positions to set it. One is a horizontal position, and another is a vertical position. When you are on the top step, it’s nice to grab the air deck to be stable.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 61.42L x 27.17W x 8.86H inches
  • Maximum height: 12’4″
  • Maximum standing height: 5’8″
  • Item weight: 26.4 lbs (12 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • Tip and glide wheels make it easy to move
  • OSHA and ANSI standards meeting ensures safety
  • Triple adjustable height and position
  • Steps AirDeck holding mechanism helps to carry it easily
  • The ladder is incredibly sturdy and secure
  • The wide step is significant for the people with RLS
  • Excellent AirDeck accessories board to work top of it
  • Durable, comfortable, and portable
  • While working outdoors, if you don’t set it correctly, the front legs may be a little wobbly.

Why Do We Recommend It?

Its excellent maneuverability, strength, versatility, and stability glad you to buy this multi-position ladder for stairs. As it is lightweight, even attached with wheels, so you can carry it both rolling the wheels and carrying it on shoulder (if there is no space to roll it)

7. Little Giant SkyScraper Ladders: Best For Reaching High Ceilings

Basically, we pick this Little Giant skyscraper ladder to reach most of the tallest ceilings, like churches. You can efficiently and comfortably reach higher than a second-story window with this ladder without any hassle.

Sturdy construction:

When it’s a matter of reaching maximum height, that is really a challenging task for most people unless they are brave enough. But, if you are assured of the ladder’s strength, sturdiness, stability, and safety, that definitely boosts your confidence to climb the ladder to reach the tallest ceilings.

The ladder’s top to bottom is built with heavy-duty aluminum, which ensures its  rust-resistance and durability. So you can use it year after year to serve your purposes that are worthy of your investment.

Multiple height adjustments:

Little Giant brings different models of step ladders with multiple positions. This time it focuses on safe and secure climbing with an A-frame position but multiple height adjustments. To bring the ladder’s extended height, you have to unlock both sides’ lock tabs, and lengthen its steps. You have to secure the lock tabs before standing it to climb.

Once you secure its height, you can set it as a 2-story staircase ladder or sloping surface. It will be an excellent solution for changing light bulbs, drywall work, painting, cleaning gutters, etc.

Maximum supportive capacity:

Usually, the tallest and heavier persons climb this tallest ladder to do their job. In that case, its safe and supportive capacity is obviously a concern for most users. For your convenience, each side’s ladder can support a maximum of 300 pounds. That means it can load up to 600 pounds in total.

You can climb the ladder without thinking about your heavyweight and size. Instead, you can carry many heavy tools that you’ll require to complete your task.

Require two-person to move:

Not telling you a lie; if you are not a strong guy with 6’6″ height, moving this ladder isn’t a one-person job for you. Even if you are 6’6″ and have good strength, the company won’t recommend you to handle this ladder alone as it is bulky (102 pounds).

Because it is risky, you may get injured, or the ladder may be damaged due to inefficient handling. So it’s pretty better to seek assistance from your co-workers or partners to flip, stand, get back its storage height, and move it from one place to another.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 8L x 43W x 139H inches
  • Maximum height: 22′
  • Maximum stair height: 12’4″
  • Item weight: 102 lbs (46.25 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 11′ to 21′ extension height adjustment
  • 11’7″ storage height and 8″ storage depth
  • Requires 3’7″ space on ground and 1’6.88″ on top when storing
  • Type A1 and 10121 weight rating to load 300 pounds
  • Solid construction and highly durable
  • Great to use where ordinary ladders can’t reach
  • Assured safety by meeting safety standards
  • Unique design for highest reach with multiple heights
  • Heavyweight and requires 2-3 persons to handle

Why Do We Recommend It?

When a professional electrician charges around $2000-3000 to change some high-power bulbs from the church or most high ceilings, you can do it yourself with this ladder. Its high quality, height adjustment, stair, and uneven surface using opportunities make it a perfect fit for you.

8. Little Giant Select Step Ladders: Best For Electric Work

It is our last choice from Little Giant, and we pick it for whoever has to do electric work on uneven ground or stairs. This ladder’s adjustable height and configuration will entirely meet your medium-length combination extension ladder requirements.

Excellent craftsmanship:

At first glance, you may hesitate to choose this fiberglass version ladder over the aluminum. But, later, you will thank us for suggesting this ladder for its quality built and electrical circuit protectiveness.

You will feel comfortable and stable, though you stand on the top position of the ladder because of its sturdy legs. However, you won’t have to suffer leg fatigue due to working on the ladder for a longer time, as it supports your toe to heel.

Easy multiple height adjustments:

The ladder is designed to work on stairs at a 90-degree angle, or an A-frame mode, and extension position. So you can find it handy to get close to the wall for accessing the gutter or doing wall work. You don’t need too much expertise to exchange its height configuration.

You’ll notice a rubber pad comfort grab step between the two-step ladders, and by broadening it, you can set the Little Giant ladder in the A-frame position. When setting its A-frame position, you have to carefully push down the board to secure its position.

Next, by squeezing the rock lock button, you can increase its one side length, and by squeezing it top, you can secure its position. To extend its other side length, you have to pull the selective grip and round it 90° to unlock the metal pins. By following these steps, you can set its position for 90° angled or staircase use.

Effortless transportation:

If you are a professional electrician, then it’s obvious you have to take the ladder from project to project. In that case, the tip and glide wheels of it will be helpful for you to walk it without lifting. However, if there is no space to walk it, you can easily carry it on your shoulder because of its lightweight.

Industry-leading supportive weight:

Most ladders will support up to 300 pounds, whereas this ladder will support 375 pounds. Since the ladder exceeds all OSHA and ANSI safety standards, it ensures your safety. Even the foot treads of the ladder are spacious to keep your feet comfortably while climbing to reach your required height.


  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Item Dimensions: 9L x 28W x 61H inches
  • Maximum height: 8′
  • Item weight: 30.8 lbs (14 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 375 lbs (170 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 3′ to 6′ comfortable standing platform
  • Two different weight capacities, Type IA 300 lbs, and Type IAA 375 lbs
  • The fiberglass frame of the ladder is non-conductive to electricity
  • The handrail ensures extra stability
  • Sturdy construction and highly stable in any position
  • Pretty easy to use by following some simple steps
  • Collapse height makes it easier to maneuver through doorways
  • The ladder black resin color won’t be fade due to the sun’s UV light exposure
  • The AirDeck accessories ports are sold separately

Why Do We Recommend It?

When reaching the top of the electrical walls is quite challenging and risky, this ladder makes it simpler and faster. Its quality construction, durability, multiple positioning design, and portability are some of the worthy reasons to buy it.

9. ORIENTOOLS Extension Ladder: Best For Durability

Orientals are a famous brand that introduces high-end step ladders to comfortably and efficiently reach any height. Its 17 model ladder is made with solid grade aluminum that makes it sturdy and durable to use year-round.

Excellent versatility:

There are no fixed spaces and reasons to use a ladder. You may need to use a ladder on any surface, including (wood, concrete, or asphalt) ground. Even, you have to use it on any tight and uneven space like stairs or slopes. But, when you have this Orientools ladder, forget all those obstacles.

Because its versatility will amaze you, by adjusting its height, you can use it in stair mode, extension mode, A-frame mode, 90° angled or wall mode, and a scaffold mode and reach 4′-15′ height with ease.

Easy to operate:

You’ll receive a 4.5′ ladder and notice hinge locks on top of the ladder and rock locks 2-5″ below it. You should unlock the locks, lean on the second part of the ladder to extend its height depending on your needs, and secure the position by locking the locks.

If you want to use it in A-frame mode, you have to extend both sides of the ladder to reach 4-7′ height. If you want to use it on stairs, extend one side step, and adjust the other side steps with your stair height. However, you can also use it for wall mode with the staircase mode.

For extension mode, adjust the second part of the ladder on the first part and secure the locks. Finally, to use it as a scaffolding ladder, you have to remove the second part of the ladder altogether and set it in another A-frame position with a trestle and plank. (You have to buy trestle and plank separately for this)

Stability and safety:

The rungs of the ladder are broad, strong, and slip-resistant. You can keep your feet on them comfortably with no fear of wobbling. Even step treads will help you maintain a good balance when changing the treads or carrying a load on your hand. So you can stand on the ladder for a long time without leg fatigue when working in a big project. On top-notch, you can entirely rely on it for safe climbing because it meets ANSI safety standards.

Easy movement and store:

The ladder is attached with wheels to maximize its flexibility. So by leaning the wheel side down, you can move it from job to job without any extra pain of carrying. It is compact in its storage position, so you can easily hide it in any tight space.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Package Dimensions: 55L x 25.2W x 6.6H inches
  • Maximum height: 17′
  • Storage height: 4.6′
  • Storage bottom width: 1.9′
  • Item weight: 34.5 lbs (15.65 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • 9′ to 15′ extension mode height adjustment
  • 4′-7′ A frame mode height adjustment
  • It won’t catch rust from its quality materials
  • The rubber legs of the ladder ensure maximum traction on the stairs
  • Solid construction and highly durable
  • Multi-purpose use that is worth its investment
  • Super stability, so no sagging in the middle
  • Wide step treads ensure comfortable climbing
  • If you don’t carefully handle the locks, they may pinch you.

Why Do We Recommend It?

You will love to have this ladder because of its quality, durability, easy operation, stability, and both indoor-outdoor using opportunities. Once you use it, you must be satisfied with its top-notch performance.

10. POSHAF Stepladder: Best for Adjustable Heights

If you want to get almost identical to the Little Giant ladder at an affordable price, we suggest you choose this POSHAF step ladder. Moreover, the 23 configurations of this ladder will be great for adjusting any height with ease.

23 height adjustment:

One-foot increment height adjustability is the unique feature of this ladder. You will find many step ladders in the market; but no ladder has this height adjustment. Like most ladders on our list, you can use it in 5 dimensions (A-frame, extension, staircase, wall, and scaffold). But, all of the ladders have a limited height adjustment maximum of 3-4 positions. Actually, it breaks this limitation and offers you many height adjustments to use it for reaching any ceiling.

Comfortable and no pinch locks :

Since it brings an infinite height adjustment, you have to frequently use the hinge and rock locks to secure its position. It comes with a patented no-pinch hinge and rock lock considering your comfort. As a result, when you unlock or lock the locks, there is no risk of getting hurt or pinched by the sharp edges of the locks.

Stable and safe climb:

The ladder is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and rubber legs. It won’t be fragile due to its multiple position adjustment, loading heavyweight, or using roughly. Instead, you’ll feel safe and secure because of its excellent maneuverability and stability, though you set it on stairs or uneven surfaces. Here you just have to be careful when setting it on the space because if you fail to set it correctly, it may flick.

Multi-purpose use:

If you have this ladder, you don’t have to buy separate ladders to reach different heights and serve different purposes. This one ladder is all on one for most of your household and professional tasks.

You can use it to paint your stair walls or ceiling, decorate your house with Christmas lights or chandeliers, hang or change or remove photos, cleaning dirty gutters, fans, or lights for household purposes.

As a DIY enthusiast, you can use it to repair rooftops, window frames, etc. You can also use it to trim your backyard trees and pluck fruits or vegetables as a garden lover.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions: 24L x 8W x 48.7H inches
  • Maximum height: 17′
  • Item weight: 32.2 lbs (14.6 kgs)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Quick Facts

  • One foot increment height adjustability makes it the most versatile
  • Rubber legs and a broad base ensure maximum stability
  • Meet ANSI safety standards to offer the utmost safety
  • It’s easy to set in 4 positions
  • Simple, easy, and fast to adjust its height
  • Safe and stable to climb up and down
  • The locking systems are secure and easy operating
  • Handy multiple configurations
  • Small rungs, so you should be conscious while changing your feet.

Why Do We Recommend It?

This POSHAF step ladder is excellent built, looks, feels, and functions with the maximum configuration. Its compact size is excellent to store. So we’ll definitely recommend to buy it to enjoy equal or more features than Warner and Little Giant ladders.

How To Choose The Best Adjustable Ladder For Stairs

The market is flooded with different brands, types, and models of ladders. So it’s easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a ladder to use on stairs. You should have a clear idea about the stair ladder’s features before investing your penny. Since your safety is also related to the ladder, you can’t ignore it. Let’s note down some fundamental factors to pick the right multi purpose ladder for stairs.

Construction materials

The ladders are made with different materials, including aluminum, steel, metal, fiberglass, and wood. However, these materials will make a ladder sturdy enough but not better for stair. As your target is to use the ladder on the stairs, you should choose an aluminum-made ladder because it is lightweight to carry but can load maximum weight.

However, if you want to use the ladder on the stairs with electricity connections, you should choose a fiberglass ladder instead of aluminum. Fiberglass is non-conductive to electricity. So you’ll be free from electric shock while doing any electrical work by climbing this ladder.

Multiple height adjustments

It’s tough to define a specific height for a stair ladder because you may need to use it on different surfaces for different purposes. In that case, a multifunctional and easy height adjustable ladder can be the right match for you. It’ll keep you tension free about the ceiling height. Most multi-positional ladders come with 5 configuration height adjustments from 6′ to 22′. So that you can use it everywhere.

Easy to use

All the stair ladders are attached with easy push knob hinges and rock locks. As you have to change the ladder’s height frequently, that’s why they bring these easy locking and unlocking mechanisms.

By pushing the hinge locks and squeezing the rock locks, you can transform the ladder position from A-frame to extension mode, staircase mode, scaffold mode, etc. You must carefully secure your position before finally setting up and climbing the ladder.

Supportive weight

You should consider how much weight the ladder can support unless you want to fall flat from the ladder and visit a hospital by breaking your legs or hands. If the ladders are built with solid materials, they can support 200-350 pounds. Though the more weight they support, the more expensive they will be!

But your life is more precious than money. However, that doesn’t mean you choose an expensive ladder unless you need 350 pounds of support. In that case, you can choose a ladder that can support 250-300 pounds if that meets your expectations.

Stability and safety

Stability is another notable feature in choosing your ladder. No matter how solid and easy position adjustable the ladder will be. If it won’t be stable and shake while setting it on stairs and climbing, what can be more dangerous than that.

The anti-slip rubber caps on the legs of the ladder will offer more traction on both even and uneven surfaces and can prevent the ladder’s wobbling.

Individual legs adjustability

All the stair steps don’t have the same distance from step to step. In the United States, 4 inches to 7 or 7¾ inches are the most recommended step distance for stairs. So when you want to set the ladder on the stairs, you have to customize the ladder’s one side leg 4″-7″ to fit it. You have to especially focus on this feature of the ladder. Otherwise, it will be useless to use it on stairs.

Lightweight and portability

You have to take the ladder from job to job and frequently change its direction and configuration. That’s why a lighter ladder is more appropriate than a heavyweight ladder. The ladder should be a combination of lightweight but sturdy and safe.

So, if the ladder is attached with wheels for easy movement, that will be a plus point for you to walk the ladder to take it from one place to another without carrying.


Many people find that the ladder’s treads are not finished smoothly, so they pinch their fingers when standing on it. Moreover, the narrow foot treads are also a hindrance to comfortably standing on the ladder for a prolonged time if needed. In that case, it causes leg fatigue, which is very painful.

So we’ll suggest you check the smooth finishing of the ladder’s treads and wideness. Both of these features ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Accessories deck

You have required hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, nuts, bolts, paints, and many things to complete your work when climbing the ladder. Seeking help from a person to give these tools decreases your productivity and efficiency. But if there is no space to keep these tools, you have no option than seeking help.

Here the accessories deck will be very convenient for you to boost up your productivity. All the step ladders won’t come with the accessories deck. But if you frequently do such work that needs tools, you should check this feature.


Yes, you have to keep a budget for your ladder because there is a huge price variation. The stair ladder price starts from $200 and reaches $1200. Of course, the expensive ladder will offer you more exclusive features than a chapter ladder. But, you should go with the features that will offer the benefits you need.

You can choose a ladder that price ranges from $300-500 for using it for household purposes. But if you want to use it professionally, you have to spend at least $800.

Here’s How To Use An Adjustable Ladder On A Staircase

You can easily use an adjustable ladder on the stairs because of its multiple heights and individual leg adjustability. There is no rocket science to using it; instead you have to follow some simple steps.

You can use the ladder on the stairs by following two methods, one is the A-frame mode, and another is the extension mode. We’ll discuss both of the methods so that you can follow any mode according to your convenience.

Method 1 – A-frame Mode

If your stair is short or you need to reach the ceiling, using the ladder in A-frame mode is better than the extension mode.

Step 1: Measure your required height

First, measure the height of your stair’s ceiling with a measuring tape that you want to reach because you have to set the ladder’s height depending on it. When measuring, keep in mind your height.

Step 2: Set up the ladder

Now, tab the ladder’s push knob hinge, set its height with A-frame mode and secure its hinge lock. Keep the front two legs of the ladder on the upper stair step. Then, unlock the rock locks or J locks to extend its outer side to bring the ladder’s balance with the lower step.

Once you get the balanced height, secure the locks and set up the back legs on the lower step. While setting the legs, ensure the ladder’s legs have enough room than the edge of the stair step.

Step 3: Ensure its stability and climbing

After setting the ladder, shake it twice or thrice to check if the setting is ok or not. If the ladder won’t flick or move from its position, now it’s ready to climb.

Method 2 – Extension Mode

If your stair wall is too high and you have to reach the upper part of the wall, you should use the ladder in an extension position.

Step 1: Adjust the ladder’s height

This time, you also have to measure the height to adjust your ladder’s height. Adjust the ladder extension height and relock it by opening the hinge lock.

Step 2: Set the ladder

Stand the ladder with the wall by leaning the upper side. Now, place its one side leg on the upper step of the stair and adjust its opposite side legs with the lower step by adjusting its individual leg.

Step 3: Climb the ladder

After setting the ladder on the stair, it’s time to climb it. Always ensure three safety points (keep your two hands and one leg, or two legs or one hand on the ladder.) when climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Ladder?

First of all, there is no expiration date for a step ladder, so there is no fixed life expectancy. But if you use the ladder by following proper guidelines and taking care of it when storing, it will last approximately 5-6 years with no repairing. If you use the fiberglass ladder with no care it will last around 1-3 years.

Is Fiberglass Or Aluminum Ladder Stronger?

The fiberglass ladder is stronger and more rigid than the aluminum ladder by considering some specific criteria. For example

  • Where the fiberglass ladder can support a maximum of 375 pounds, the aluminum ladder can support a max of 300 pounds for a type 1 ladder.
  • The fiberglass ladder is non-electric conductive, which means it is safe to use for electrical work. On the contrary, the aluminum ladder conducts electricity, so it’s not safe to use this ladder for this purpose.
  • The fiberglass ladder is lighter than the aluminum ladder though its high support.

So it’s good to choose a fiberglass ladder, but that doesn’t mean the aluminum ladder is less useful. The aluminum ladder is easy to set up, change its position, and fold.

Do I Need an Adjustable Ladder While Cleaning Gutters?

Of course, an adjustable ladder makes your gutter cleaning work more straightforward, easier, and faster. You can efficiently clean the dirty gutters with a vacuum cleaner or power washer with no hassle and others’ help by climbing the ladder.

Can You Use A Combination Ladder On Stairs?

Sure, you can use a combination ladder on stairs in two methods. The A-frame position is suitable for reaching the stairs’ ceiling to clean gutters or changing high-power bulbs. The extension position of the ladder is good to paint stair walls, hanging photos, or wall clocks.


It’s just a misconception using a ladder on an uneven surface like a stair is risky and unsafe. If you choose the best adjustable ladder for stairs, set it correctly by ensuring balance and stability, and don’t cross its maximum weight capacity, you can definitely climb it safely.

As the stair ladder requires good investment, it’s wise to take the expert’s suggestion. The Little Giant Revolutionary Ladders is absolutely a good option for you because of its unique design, durability, multiple height and leg adjustment. So, we would recommend this one if you’re looking for the ultimate best ladder to place on top of stairs.

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