7 Best Ladder Stands For Big Guys | Level Up Your Hunting Game!

Hi hunting buddies! Are you in a serious hunt for the best ladder stands for big guys? Then, you are most welcome in today’s discussion. In this article, we’ll review some of the heavy-duty ladder stands from real-life experience.

I am 250lbs and a proud local tree hunter. And I’m familiar with the struggles any big boy would face with stand ladders. You need to makes sure you get a comfy seat, stable shooting rail, and a sturdy build that can hold your weight.

Stay with us, and keep reading closely!

How Much Weight Can Ladder Stands Hold?

If you are not blind to your safety, you must care about the maximum weight load of your ladder stand. I have found most one-person ladder stands with 300lbs of loading capacity. And two person-ladder stands are standard with a 500lbs maximum weight load. Let’s take a look at a comparison chart.

Stand Weight Weight to Hold Number of Climbers Material
Approx. 20lbs 300lbs 01 Aluminum
Approx. 21lbs 350lbs 01 Aluminum
Approx. 70lbs 500lbs 02 Stainless Steel

However, you have to count your backpack weight (clothes, backpack, and tools) to calculate the overall load. For example, if you are 250lbs, you must add 15-20lbs to your total weight measurement. So, the ladder stands with 300lbs loading capacity would be an ideal pick.

Table of Contents:

I have listed the 7 best ladder stands for big guys available on Amazon. Both beginners and experts can find a better solution to tree and roof climbing with these heavy-duty stands. Finally, the buying guide and FAQs will assist you to have a worthy investment for years.

Comparison Chart:

You can draw a decent decision from an inclusive comparison chart. So, never miss going through the comparative presentation to have a confident choice. And I hope your next ladder stand lies in the comparison chart indeed.

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7 Best Ladder Stands For Big Guys | Tested & Reviewed In 2023

When looking for the heavy-duty ladder stands, I have reviewed the seven best stands from my own experience. I hope you are close to choosing the right one for your next climbing mission. Let’s find each of the seven one by one.

Best Ladder Stands For Big Guys

1. Bolderton 18-Feet Two Person Ladder Stand – Best for Comfort

We have enriched our hunting arsenal with the Bolderton 18-Feet ladder stand. This two-person hunting tree ladder stand seems sturdy and comfortable for a day-long campaign. You will enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors with the professional-grade ladder stand. Learn  more about the ladder stand to make a worthy decision.

GRIZZLY Grip Safety  Standard

My hunting partner David Mack and I have made a choice over the stand for the grizzly-grip safety system. The scientifically proven safety system secures the stand base from slipping. Therefore, the big-body climbers feel maximum stability while climbing on the stands.

This 2-man ladder stand is ideal for great outdoors with no falling fear. With the grizzly-grip safety system, the climbers feel confident in every step on the stand.

High-quality Foot Platform

You will be stable on the power-grid foot platform. The high-quality steel-made platform offers enough space and strength for hours of hunting. We both get pretty leg space on the foot platform for comfortable sitting. It looks strong for long-lasting professional performance.

Extra-Comfort Flip-up Seats

If you are a big guy like me, you will enjoy extra comfort on the flip-up mesh seats. The weather-resistant seats are suitable for backrest during longer hunting. You can mold your body for maximum comfort on the reflexive mesh seats.

Moreover, you can turn the 2-man ladder stand into a 1-man by folding one seat. It is an advanced feature that I have rarely found in others.

Strong Shooting Rail

The 18-Feet high-strength shooting rail offers you a perfect target for your prey. You and your hunting partner can hunt simultaneously on the shooting rail. It is sturdy enough to keep the shooting gun stable for a longer time. Therefore, you feel confident to have close eyes on the targets.

Compact Construction

I have found the ladder stand highly compact with quality construction. The compact solid construction can hold up to 500lbs. You can use the rust-free ladder stand in all weather conditions.

It comes with weather-resistant steel to withstand rain, sunshine, snow, and storm. And the non-slip powder-coated frame confirms maximum adherence to the slippery trees.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 52×18.2×13-inches
Weight 124.7lbs
Capacity Two Persons
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Individual Flip-up
Material Powder-coated Stainless-Steel
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the Bolderton Ladder Stand

  • The Bolderton 18-Feet ladder stand seems compact and comfortable for all-around great outdoors. It can be a heavy-duty hunting partner for two big-body hunters on the same platform.
  • It looks sturdy and performs stronger with a high-quality powder-coated steel frame.
  • The big guys can have a decent choice with the budget-friendly ladder stand. It is comfortable and affordable also for beginners.
  • High-quality compact construction
  • Sturdy and strong platform
  • Stable shooting rail
  • Maximum weight loading capacity
  • Weather-resistant powder-coating
  • Non-slip & high-grip safety system 
  • Weighty
  • No warranty

Why Do We Recommend It?

When looking for the best ladder stands for big guys, the Bolderton 18-Feet can attract your attention with all-amazing features. It is strong enough with high-quality powder-coated steel. You and your hunting partner will feel comfortable on the spacious platform.

2. River Edge 21-Feet 2-Man Lockdown Ladder Stand – Editor’s Pick

The lockdown 21-feet 2-man tree stand comes with solid construction for maximum comfort and durability. River Edge has developed the ladder stand with a spacious bench seat and ultimate shooting rail. It is a true hunting tree stand with all-required safety standards. Let’s hunt the features and specifications of the ladder stand together.

High-grade Construction

Unlike traditional tree stands, the lockdown 2-man ladder stand seems solid with high-quality construction. The ladder stand is strong and sturdy enough with reinforced  stainless steel. It is one of the best ladders stands for big guys with its rock-solid structure.

It includes octagonal ladder rails, a comfortable bench seat, ladder-lock connections, and a 3rd ladder rail. So, the ladder stand looks the stiffest one in the tree stand industry.

Unique Tuck-away Design

The vertical bow hunters will have a great advantage in their targets on the ladder stand. Equipped with a unique tuck-away design, this ladder allows you to aim at your desired destination. You can conveniently tuck away the shooting rail and footrest in the designated slots on the platform.

Ground-Level Ratcheting Technology

There is no safety loophole with the ground-level ratcheting technology. It makes you more secure while ratcheting the ladder on the tree. You can do the job from the ground by pulling the stand top into the tree. So, you can lock it down from the ground compared to the conventional ladder stands.

Noise-free Operation

I have found the Vinyl dipped parts noise-free for a pretty quieter operation. The ladder lock design ensures silent exit and entry by preventing the overuse of loose-ladder joints. So, you can confirm no disturbance to your close neighbors in the forest. And it lets you hide from your targeted prey.

Ultimate Shooting Rail

You will get the freedom of shooting on the adjustable ultimate shooting rail. It lets you vertically adjust the length and height of the rail for shooting demands. I adjust the shooting rail based on the hunting terrain for precise targeting. Moreover, I enjoy the customizing benefits for close and downward angled shots.

Non-split Mesh Seat

The big guys will enjoy their hunting moment on the non-split and flip-up mesh seat. The tear-resistant comfortable seat is ideal for one or two hunters. When alone on the stand, you can sit in the middle for more comfort.

You don’t need to compromise with comfort on the 41.5Wx16D-inch oversized seat. And the extra-large platform will offer you a day-long comfy accommodation.

No Height Hiss

When height is an issue for adventurous wildlife hunting, the 21-feet lockdown ladder stand will let you get up to high. And you can survey your surroundings without compromising comfort. The big guys with 5.5 to 6 feet can mount maximum for close supervision.

So, you may have a proper solution to the height-off issue with the high ladder stand. And you would be unstoppable during wildlife hunting.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Height to Shooting Rail 20.6-feet
Weight 129lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 600lbs
Seat Type Non-split & Flip-up Bench Seat
Material High-grade Stainless-Steel
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the River Edge 2-Seat Ladder Stand

  • The River Edge21-feet seems comfortable and durable for two big-body hunters. It comes with solid stainless-steel material to hold up to 600lbs.
  • Like me, my hunting partner feels the freedom to customize the shooting rail’s length and height for exact targeting.
  • The unique tuck-away design has made the big man ladder stand exceptional in the industry. It offers hunters more relaxation during their daylong camping.
  • Maximum height for comfortable hunting
  • High-grade manufacturing materials
  • Top-notch safety standards
  • Wear-resistant flip-up mesh seat
  • Ultimate shooting rail
  • Extra large platform
  • Silent design
  • Non-splitting seat
  • Tough to install on tree

Why Do We Recommend It?

I hope you have already learned the tree stand is 21-feet high and can afford two big guys up to 600lbs. Moreover, it comes with ground-level ratcheting technology for safer use. And the rock-solid construction is unique in the market. So, why aren’t you on your next mission with the River Edge 21-feet 2-man ladder stand?

3. X-Stand 18-feet Tree Stand Comrade Ladder Stand – Best for Safety

Over the years, X-Stand has been offering tree hunters all quality ladder stands. The X-stand 18-feet 2-man heavy-duty ladder stand is ideal for big guys. It comes with a jaw safety system and a big platform for the ultimate hunting experience. Go through the following features for a worthy purchase indeed.

Super Jaw Safety System

We have trusted the X-stand 18-feet 2-man ladder stand for your big-body team members for a rare jaw safety system. Unlike regular tree stands, the comrade ladder stand features a revolutionary safety standard for 24/7 safe hunting.

You can ensure your safety on the tree before leaving the ground with the jaw safety system. It makes the ladder much more adhesive and stable on the tree.

Independent Comfortable Seat

X-Stand treestands are pretty unique in their sitting arrangement. The 18-feet comrade ladder stand has 10Wx16D-inches two independent mesh seats for comfortable sitting. And each seat has cushioned armrests for maximum comfort.

The middle console between two seats is a unique feature of the big man ladder stand. I love the chamber for handy access to my hunting accessories. It lets me save my energy from carrying the heavy equipment in cloth pockets.

V-shaped Large Platform

You and your hunting fellow will get a spacious environment on the large V-shaped platform. The 73Wx19D-inches platform seems solid and sturdy enough to hold two 500lbs big guys. It offers the ultimate hunting experience with uncompromising safety and comfort. And the V-shaped platform works well for better balance far from the ground.

Adjustable Shooting Rails

The two different seats come with two independent shooting rails. And the shooting rails are adjustable to vertical length and height. If you don’t feel comfortable with the rail, you can fully disintegrate it from the armrest corners.

You will feel the ultimate comfort and silence with independently removable shooting rails and padded armrests.

Top-notch Manufacturing

X-Stand has built the tree stand with powder-coated stainless steel to withstand extreme weather. Moreover, the big guy ladder stand features helix tubing and stealth silencers for comfortable and durable uses.

The rustproof and water-resistant equipment will last for years. So, the comrade 18-feet 2-man ladder stand can provide a solid hunting experience compared to others in the market.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 51.5×19.75×13.75-inches
Weight 132lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Independent Flex Mesh Seats
Material High-grade Stainless-Steel & Nylon
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the X-Stand Comrade Ladder Stand

  • The super jaw safety straps are effective enough to keep the ladder stand stable and sticky to the tree. I feel safe leaving the ground to ride on the ladder top for hours.
  • It is one of the best two-person ladders for big guys with two independent and flexible mesh seats and removable shooting rails.
  • The X-stands comrade 18-feet stand is fantastic with the middle console. It looks so handy to handle hunting accessories and drinking coffee for refreshment.
  • Super jaw safety system
  • Independent seats with armrests
  • Removable and adjustable shooting rails
  • High-quality manufacturing materials
  • Strong and sturdy V-shaped platform
  • Stable and comfortable sitting for hours
  • Laborious assembly
  • Pretty weighty

Why Do We Recommend It?

When safety is your primary concern with the ladder stand, the X-stand comrade 18-feet can be the safest one. It is ideal for big hunters with two independent seats and shooting rails. And you would have a handy hunting experience with the middle console between two seats.

4. Primal 18-feet 2-man Double Vantage Ladder Stand – Best Lightweight

If you are a beginner at wildlife tree hunting, you can rely on the Primal 18-feet double vantage ladder stand. The two-person tree stand features jaw safety and truss stabilizer systems. With these innovative technologies, you can have an ultimate comfortable hunting experience.

Sure-grip Installation:

We have found the tree stand safe to install with the sure-grip jaw system. And I feel confident before leaving the ground that the stand is rock solid to the tree. The patented grip jay system makes your hunting time safe on the tree.

You can conveniently install the stand on any tree with the jaw safety system. And two big guys up to 500lbs will enjoy a stable standing and safer sitting on the super-gripped ladder stand.

Truss Stabilizer System:

The innovative technology that amazed me a lot is the truss stabilizer system. It offers me the freedom to install the stand with most trees. Unlike traditional straps, the truss stabilizer straps ensure more tree options for an ultimate hunting experience.

With the truss stabilizing technology, I have had more strength and stability in my ladder stand. Besides, it absorbs shakes and keeps us stable on trees for flawless targeting.

Comfortable Flip-up Seat:

I have found the flip-up mesh seat highly premium for professional performance. The water-resistant 37×15-inches seats are adjustable in all weather conditions. You and your hunting mate will get enough space for a comfortable sitting for hours.

However, you cannot independently flip up a single seat. Though both seats are separate, a bar connects the bench-style seat. So, when you fold it, both seats come together.

Spacious Foot Platform:

The 37×23-inches shooting platform seems spacious enough for two big-body hunters. Here, you will find two full-body safety harnesses for the safest hunt. And the platform looks pretty sturdy to afford two giant hunters 500lbs in total.

You can miss the footrest on the platform. However, I cannot find any big issue apart from the footrest on the platform. And it doesn’t seem so disappointing for comfortable hunting.

Adjustable Shooting Rail:

Most guys ask me how sturdy and stable the shooting rail is? Because it is a crucial fact for the finest targeting. I want to assure you that the Primal 18-feet tree stand has an adjustable and stable shooting rail. And the sturdy shooting rail offers me a shake-free way of hunting.

Moreover, it is quite supportive for perfect angling to target distant prey. I haven’t had any flimsy feeling to set my gun on the rail.

High-quality Construction:

The sturdy steel construction has made the ladder stand suitable for big-body hunters. It is a heavy-duty stand born with innovative grip jaw and truss stabilizer safety technologies. The rustproof frame is durable enough in all weather conditions.

I have felt confident in stepping up on the 20-feet ladders. The rounded-rectangular steel made tube is tough to tackle moving shocks. So, you will have a stable and safe ride on the ladder stand.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 59.5x21x9-inches
Weight 88lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Flip-up Mesh Seats
Material High-grade Stainless-Steel
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the Primal Double Vantage Ladder Stand

  • The Primal 18-feet 2-man hunting stand is perfect for big guys with a ratchet jaw safety system and truss stabilizer technology. It never compromises safety and stability.
  • I love the best-featured ladder stand for big guys for such an affordable price. It saves my pocket.
  • The heavy-duty tree stand offers a professional hunting experience around the season. It is ideal for wildlife camping and hunting.
  • High-quality construction
  • Innovative safety system
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Spacious foot platform
  • Comfortable flip-up seats
  • Shake-free ladders
  • Noiseless hunting
  • No footrest
  • No armrest 

Why Do We Recommend It?

The Primal 18-feet tree stand is sturdy enough to accommodate two big-body hunters in the same compartment. It features a unique truss stabilizing technology with a jaw safety system for risk-free hunting. You can consider the heavy-duty ladder stand for your next hunting trip With properties and price.

5. X-stand 20-feet 2-man Jayhawk Ladder Stand – Best for Durability

Like thousands of hunters, I love X-stand for versatile versions of the tree stands. Here, you will find the best solution to the hunting stands’ height, weight, and quality issues. We are getting prepared for the upcoming hunting season with the 20-feet stand.

Heavy-duty Manufacturing:

The X-stand 20-feet 2-person is one of the best ladder stands for big guys with high-quality manufacturing. It comes with Helix oval steel tube construction that withstands maximum load. The weather-resistant and rust-free steel frame looks firm after years of use.

You will find ladders, platform, shooting rail, and seats well-structured for high-responsive performance. The heavy-duty ladder stand is capable of holding the hunters up to 500lbs.

Revolutionary Safety System:

You cannot deny the flawless safety system as a wildlife hunter. The X-stand 20-feet tree stand has a jaw safety system for uncompromising safety around the hunting season. This revolutionary technology confirms safety on the stand before leaving the ground.

We have experienced the X-stand’s hunt-safe technology reliable enough for hanging and climbing on the tree stand. It lets us make our stand safe from the ground.

Comfort-flex Mesh Seats:

The 2-person big-body ladder stand has two comfort-flex flip-up mesh seats. You can pop the seats up when needed. I feel extra comfort on the padded armrest for a long time sitting on the seat. You will have enough space on the 39Wx17D-inches for each seat. And the ergonomic 39Wx19H-inches backrest is pretty supportive in preventing back pain.

However, you cannot pop up a single seat for an attached bar between two seats. You can move both seats simultaneously for more standing space on the platform.

Well-structured Platform:

I have had a stable standing experience on the rectangular platform. The recoiled 42Wx34D-inches well-structured platform is sturdy enough to hold the big guys with no sound and shaking. And it has a metal footrest for relaxing on the stand.

Never place hunting tools on the platform to avoid unexpected injury and loss. And keep it away from subconscious shaking by your legs.

Adjustable Padded Shooting Rail:

Where most tree stands come with naked shooting rails, the X-stands 20-feet big-body ladder stand has a padded rail. The cushioned shooting rail is adjustable with the vertical length and height of the hunting guns and bows.

Moreover, you can disintegrate the rail from the seat tube whenever it is needed. However, never miss measuring the stand height 20-feet up to the shooting rail.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 51.5×19.75×14.5-inches
Weight 122lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Flip-up Mesh Seats
Material High-grade Stainless-Steel & Nylon
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the X-Stand Jayhawk Ladder Stand

  • The X-stand 20-feet 2-man is a reliable hunting ladder stand for the big guys with a sturdy and strong frame. It looks well-structured and proper-polished.
  • Though it is a 122lbs stand, the assembly was pretty pleasant compared to other stands. And the safety was beyond expectation with a superb grip jaw system.
  • I feel very stable and comfortable on the spacious seat and large platform for hours of hunting. It is an ultimate ladder stand for heavy hunters indeed.
  • Quality construction materials
  • Superb-grip jaw safety system
  • water-resistant & Flip-up seats
  • Spacious platform
  • Adjustable & removable shooting rail
  • Stable & comfortable hunting stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight is an issue
  • Poor packaging

Why Do We Recommend It?

When safety, stability, and height matter your choice, you must look at the X-stand 20-feet 2-man ladder stand. It is quite capable of carrying two heavy hunters up to 500lbs. So, you can have a hot deal here with the big man ladder stand.

6. Muddy MLS2251 2.5 XTL 18-feet Ladder Stand – Best for Tree-lock System

We have listed the Muddy 2.5XTL 18-feet ladder stand for unique engineering and innovative features. It comes with a high-grade stainless steel frame and tree-lock system for stronger and safer use. The big-body guys rely on the stand for a worthy investment indeed.

Innovative Tree-lock System:

I have experienced confident climbing on the Muddy 18-feet stand with its innovative tree-lock system. It offers a safer ground clearance for risk-free riding. Therefore, you can secure your stand from the ground to remove sliding or skidding.

Moreover, the heavy-duty ladder stand features the Hercules cross-grip system for maximum safety. You and your hunting buddy would be safe on the ladder stand in all-weather conditions.

Feature-packed Construction:

The heavy-duty construction with high-grade stainless steel has made the Muddy stand sturdy enough for a 500lbs weight load. Moreover, you can carry 20lbs additional clothing and equipment weight on the ladder stand. The powder-coated frame is free from rust, must, and dust. So, you can hunt on the stand for years.

I am happy with the unique features of the stand, including nylon washers, drink holders, accessory hooks, and spacers. And I have rarely found these useful applications in other stands.

Extra-wide Comfortable Seats:

You wouldn’t be disappointed with the flex-teak comfortable tree stand seats. Each seat defines the 24x17x27 dimensions (WxDxH). The flex-teak seats come with armrests for comfortable daylong hunting. And the backrests will relieve your back pain.

Sorry to say that both seats are fixed with the bench bar. So, you cannot flip the seats up for spacious standing.

Padded Shooting Rail:

The well-shaped padded rail is reliable for silent shooting. And it makes every shooting more stable and precise to the prey. You can adjust or remove the rail during bow-hunting season. The stand height measures 18-feet to the shooting rail.

Moreover, you get a silent shooting experience with silencer technology. Unlike traditional tree stands, it seems calm and quiet in its operation.

D-force Metal Foot Platform:

You will get a sturdy platform on the dot-oval tubing metal frame. Its large D-force metal platform has a flip-up footrest at the front end. So, you’ll be relaxed for a long time while hunting. The 50Wx17D-inches foot platform is strong enough to receive a 500lbs maximum weight load. It prevents shaking and keeps you stable for the finest targeting.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 53×10.7×18-inches
Weight 101lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Flex-teak Mesh Seats
Material High-grade Stainless-Steel & Nylon
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the Muddy MLS2251 Ladder Stand

  • The muddy 18-feet ladder stand has plenty of room to afford two big guys on the same platform. And it seems ideal for two adult hunters.
  • It works great in wildlife hunting on trees with unyielding safety features. The Hercules cross-grip & tree-lock systems secure the stand from the ground to resist any risky skidding.
  • The tree stand is quiet, comfortable, and durable in all hunting seasons.
  • Strong & sturdy construction
  • Superb-grip premium installation
  • Comfortable seats with backrest
  • Wider platform with footrest
  • Quiet padded shooting rail
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable in use
  • Fixed seats
  • Poor customer service

Why Do We Recommend It?

The feature-packed ladder stand is excellent for two big guys with 500lbs maximum weight. You are safe on the platform with the tree-lock ground safety system. Besides, the shooting rail will offer you a noiseless stable targeting. It would be a cost-effective choice for your next mission.

7. Guide Gear 17-feet 2-man Tree Ladder Stand – Best Budget

The Guide Gear 17-feet tree stand can be a worthy addition to your hunting accessories. It is ideal for two big guys with 500lbs maximum weight in total. I have had great hunting success with the quality tree stand. The 17-feet stand offers me vivid view surroundings.

Powder-coated Steel Construction:

Guide Gear has built the stand sturdy enough with powder-coated alloy steel construction. The 17-feet ladder stand comes with 500lbs weight capacity to hold two big hunters in the same chamber. With durable steel construction, it seems stable and heavy-duty for hunting.

The stainless steel frame weighs only 84lbs which looks lightweight compared to others. Therefore, you will have a smoother installation experience of the big man ladder stand.

Large & Strong Foot Platform:

My hunting mate and I get enough room on the 40.5×28.5-inches large-foot platform. You will feel confident standing on the sturdy platform for maximum visibility. Therefore, you get a better elevation experience during hunting on the stand.

Here, you will miss the footrest with the platform. However, I don’t have such a remarkable issue with the missing part of the ladder stand.

Individual Flip-up Mesh Seats:

I have found the flip-up seats quite comfortable for a long time sitting. And the good thing with the stand is the individually flipped seat. You can pop one or both seats up for more standing space on the stand. The 17Wx15D-inches mesh seats are suitable for big-body hunters.

Moreover, both seats have padded armrests and flexible backrests for maximum hunting comfort. You may miss these cushioned components in the conventional ladder stands.

Adjustable Shooting Rail:

The Guide Gear ladder stand is 17-feet high to the shooting rail. Therefore, you get excellent visibility to your surroundings. The padded rail is adjustable and removable for a better shooting experience. And it looks stable enough for flawless targeting.

The padded shooting rail causes no harsh sound while placing guns or bows. It offers a quieter performance.

Item Specifications

Type Hunting Ladder Stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 60.8×20.5×7.5-inches
Weight 84lbs
Capacity Two-Man
Maximum Load 500lbs
Seat Type Individually Flip-up Mesh Seats
Material Powder-coated Stainless-Steel
Best in Use Outdoor

Our Experience with the Guide Gear Ladder Stand

  • The Guide Gear 17-feet is a great hunting ladder stand for big guys with the sturdy platform and flip-up spacious seats. It works well for both gun and bow hunting seasons.
  • It is easy to assemble and convenient to place on a tree.
  • The beginner can have the right choice with the budget-friendly & high-quality ladder stand. At the same time, the professional can have a premium performance from the heavy-duty ladder stand.
  • High-grade steel frame
  • Built-in padded shooting rail
  • Professional foot platform
  • Comfortable seats with backrest & armrest
  • Independent flipping seat
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • No footrest
  • A bit noisy

Why Should You Buy It?

The Guide Gear 17-feet 2-man is one of the best ladders stands for big guys with a solid frame and heavy-duty platform. It offers more extensive visibility for a better hunting experience. You can have a good-quality tree stand at an affordable price indeed.

A Complete Buying Guide For The Best Ladder Stand For Big Guys!

If you wanna win the race of finding the best ladder stand for big guys, never miss checking some core characteristics. Just go through the checklist below before buying your desired ladder stand for the upcoming hunting camping.

Manufacturing Materials

The first thing you should consider is the manufacturing materials of the ladder stands. Most manufacturers use powder-coated high-grade stainless steel to develop the frame, making the tree stand lightweight and sturdy for comfortable and durable use.

Never miss checking whether the material is good quality or not. Otherwise, your investment behind the ladder for big guys may fall into garbage.

Safety Technology

Who doesn’t love living in safety on the tree stand during wildlife hunting? And the safety measures start from the ladder ground to the top. Without the proper protection, the sensational hunting mission can be a bitter experience.

Be assured of the tree-lock security, jaw safety system, and truss stabilizer while choosing a big man ladder stand. These are proven safety technologies for making the stand safe before leaving the ground.


You cannot avoid the ladders’ height for better visibility towards the larger distance. There are tree stands of different sizes for versatile hunting purposes in the market. The bigger the stand is, the better the performance is. However, it involves a stand’s cost too.

Therefore, I prefer the ladder stands of 17 to 21-feet height for seasonal wildlife hunting. You can choose any size segment for a professional tree hunting experience within your affordable budget.

Foot Platform

The foot platform determines the capability of the ladder stands to hold the big guys. A well-structured platform empowers riders to feel stable and comfortable on the stand. You must choose the tree stands with spacious foot platforms for better standing.

And the upfront footrest would be a handy addition for relaxing during daylong hunting. However, it must be adjustable and removable also.


When looking for the best ladder stands for the big guys, you must care about the seat size and quality. Your hunting comfort closely depends on seats. Here, you need to check some core attributes of the tree stands’ seats.

Firstly, be sure whether both seats are flexible to flip up or not. The second thing is to check whether they are water-resistant mesh seats. And the next to see the armrests and backrests. Finally, confirm whether the seats are spacious enough for two big guys? Find the answers and pick the best one.

Shooting Rail

The strength of the shooting rail is crucial for perfect shooting and precise targeting. And the  shooting stability also depends on rail adjustability. I prefer the adjustable and removable  rail for professional shooting. Furthermore, find the padded rail for the noiseless shooting.

Loading Capacity

If you are in shops to purchase the 2-man ladder stands, you must confirm the loading capacity. A big-body two-person tree stand requires a minimum 500lbs weight-load ability. And it can be up to 20lbs more of the hunters’ weight with clothing and tools.

Therefore, consider the stand’s strength to carry additional weight with you. And it is important to avoid squeaking and squeezing the ladder stand.


You must care about the assembling ease of the big guys’ stands for a better experience. The tree stands are big and heavy equipment that requires expertise and labor for the smoother assembling of different parts. So, never miss purchasing the stand that is easy to assemble and install on the tree.

In this regard, consider the lightweight tree stands for hassle-free setup.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

I have faced tons of questions from my hunting mates, followers, and friends about the best ladder stand for big guys. Let’s learn relevant answers to some related questions.

Are Ladder Stands Safe to Use?

Yes, a ladder stand is safe if  you can use it safely. A ladder stand is an assembly of different small or big parts. For example, ladders, tubes, rails, platforms, seats, pins, clips, screws, and bolts are essential elements. You have to care about these parts at the beginning of the installation.

Safety First: Things to do while installing the ladder stand on the tree!

  • Never try to do it alone
  • Use a safety helmet
  • Have a cell phone
  • Select a firm tree
  • Place on hard ground
  • Trim the ground
  • Attach lifeline or safety harness strap
  • Follow the installation instructions step by step
  • Keep your child away from the installation ground

Safety First: Things to do before leaving the ground!

  • Ensure 100% flawless installation
  • Check the safety elements (jaw, grip, truss stabilizer, and harness straps)
  • Test the every ladder section connection
  • Climb with two feet, one hand or two hands, one foot
  • Avoid shaking the stand while climbing
  • Never climb together on two-person ladder stands


Never cross the loading limit of the ladder stand! Don’t play around with the safety features without proper protective measures.

How Tall Should the Ladder Stand Be?

There is an old debate over the ladder stand height. And we fall into confusion when choosing the best ladder stands for big guys with the right size. Let’s fix the issue with the following context.

  • Open Field Hunting: If you are an open field hunter, the 12 to 15-feet ladder stand seems standard. And it can be the perfect stand height for open field deer hunting. However, it may differ from one hunter to another. Try the best one that serves you better.
  • Wildlife Hunting: When planning for wildlife hunting, you need to choose a relatively bigger tree stand for wider visibility. In this regard, a ladder stand between 18 to 25-feet can be ideal. It lets hunters target the prey of distant surroundings. However, never miss fixing the height based on your hunting purpose, safety, and comfort.

How Long Does a Ladder Stand Last?

The longevity of ladder stands differs from one stand to another. Moreover, several issues determine how long a ladder stand can last.

  • Quality Construction: The quality of manufacturing material ensures the durability of the ladder stand. The rustproof stainless steel made ladder stands can last for five years with a few changes. The weather-resistant components are crucial for quality construction.
  • Maintenance: You can use your ladder stands for years with the proper maintenance. Disassemble your tree stands and store them in a dry and safe place when the hunting season ends. And take care of every part before hitting the next hunting season.

Therefore, if you buy a quality ladder stand and take care of it, you can safely use the stand for 3 to 5 years. However, it depends on your own will.

How to Put a Ladder Stand by Yourself?

Though it is an arduous task, you can put a ladder stand by yourself with the proper security guide. And I recommend the self-made installation for the expert hunters, not the beginners. With the following steps, you can try to set a ladder and stand up the tree.

  • Step one: Fix the tree to put the ladder stand on it. And remove all obstacles between the tree and ladder stand. Then, check the strength of the ground soil surrounding the tree.
  • Step two: Lay the ladder face down on the ground. You can use a hammer to stake down the base of the ladder.
  • Step three: Use temporary ropes to tie the ladder to the tree. And enclose the jaw safety straps to the tree. Tighten the ladder straps to the tree with the proper grip to avoid skidding.
  • Step four: Start climbing to go up to set the foot platform and seats. Here, set the foot platform first and attach the seats properly. Install the shooting rail and footrest in the proper places.
  • Step five: Tighten all screws, nuts, and blots flawlessly to avoid injuries. You can remove the false ropes after completing the whole installation process.

However, putting up a ladder stand by himself is a daunting deed. If  your hunting buddy is available, try to install the ladder stand together. It saves your time and energy to have a safe setup.

Final Words!

Big guys need heavy-duty ladder stands for a durable and comfortable hunting experience. And tree stands with proper safety technologies are crucial for safer wildlife camping. But, both professionals and beginners face difficulties determining what the best ladder stands for big guys are.

As a professional seasonal hunter, I have shared all about the seven best tree stands with my own user experience. Now, let me unveil the editor’s choice of River Edge 21-Feet 2-Man Lockdown Ladder Stand.

The 21-feet 2-person ladder stand is ideal for broader visibility in wildlife hunting. When height is an important issue, it can be a suitable solution for the hunters. And you feel safe climbing with the ground-level ratcheting technology. It seems rare to the regular ladder stands.

Get prepared for the upcoming hunting season with the well-structured, sturdy, and safe ladder stands. Safety first and climbing later!

*Happy Hunting*

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