Best 2 Ways To Hang A Ladder From The Ceiling – Explained!

Ladders are handy around our homes. However, storing them can be quite challenging.

While you can hang it on the wall and secure it with some hooks, that’s not possible when the wall is occupied. The only left choice is hanging it from the ceiling.

So how to hang a ladder from the ceiling? You can hang a ladder on the ceiling by installing hooks or building a ladder lift. The hooks and lifts are installed into the ceiling before you can secure the ladder.

Keep on reading to learn how you can safely hang a ladder on the ceiling.

Why Do You Need To Hang A Ladder From The Ceiling?

Let’s face it, although ladders are quite handy, they aren’t that compact. So, you need to hang a ladder from the ceiling if you’re short on storage space.

For example, Loft ladders for small spaces are pretty handy but only used to access the attic. Similar, you can use extension ladders for painting, but the necessity only arrives when repainting, cleaning gutters, or reaching any higher place.

However, you’ll need to store the ladders for most parts of the year. Generally, hanging a ladder from the ceiling is a great way to save on space.

Why Do You Need To Hang A Ladder From The Ceiling

If the walls are occupied with other items, the only other ideal place is the ceiling. Hanging the ladder on the ceiling ensures no floor space is used. It’s also a great way to keep the ladder safe and avoid damage to items in the garage.

A ladder stored vertically on the wall might lose balance and fall off. So, you’ll need a secure way of hanging the ladder to ensure it doesn’t fall off the ceiling. This leads us to our next big question.

Here’s How To Hang A Ladder From The Ceiling

You can hang a ladder from the ceiling using two crucial methods. The methods involve using hooks or ladder lifts.

Let’s dive in deep and see how each method works.

How To Hang A Ladder From The Ceiling

Method 1: Hanging a ladder using hooks

The first method is using hooks. You need hooks that can handle the weight of your ladder.


The first thing to determine is the weight of your ladder. Most ladder weights vary from 10 lbs to 50 lbs. You can then get hooks that will support your ladder.


One can decide to use two or four hooks. That’s a pair on one side and the other pair on the other side to store your ladder parallel to the ceiling.


Once you’ve selected the right hooks, measure the length of your ladder. The hooks must be placed on the second-last rungs of the ladder. You need to have the hooks fitting properly and within the width of the ladder.


The next step is installing the hooks into the ceiling. This is a crucial step that determines safety in the garage. You don’t want the hooks falling off due to the weight of the ladder.


Using a stud finder, locate ceiling joists. These are the specific spots where you’ll install the hooks and hang the ladder. Mark them with a pencil.


You can use a step ladder to reach the ceiling height. This just goes to show the importance of ladders. You can then drill holes on the marked spots and install the hooks.


Finish off by securing each side of the ladder into the hooks one at a time. If you use the right size hooks, you can be pretty sure your ladder is secure and safe on the ceiling.

Want to learn more about how Ladder hooks work? Check out my guide to hang ladders on wall where I talk about hooks more elaborately.

Method 2: Hanging a ladder on the ceiling using ladder lifts

The second method requires a bit of DIY skills as you’ll need to build the ladder lift.


Start by cutting a piece of frame that measures roughly 2 by 4 inches.

This is the piece of frame that the ladder will rest on. Make sure you choose a solid wood frame. The frame width needs to be slightly longer than the width of the ladder. It’s recommended that the frame be at least 18 inches longer than the ladder width.


You’ll need two pieces of the 2 x 4 wood and create up to 16 pieces. These are pieces you’ll attach to the ceiling. they‘ll then join the 2 x 4 piece that you cut earlier to support the ladder.


Next, drill holes into the wood where you’ll attach brackets. It’s the brackets that are then screwed into the ceiling to support the wood pieces and the ladder.


On both sides of the L-shaped wooden frame, attach brackets. The bracket braces should face inward and have the other side attached to the ceiling.


Finish off by installing the brackets into the ceiling using a drill. But first, use a stud finder to locate joists on the ceiling. Use a pencil and mark your joists.

With everything set, the ladder will rest on the ladder lift you just created and installed. Make sure the ladder fits all the way and leaves at least 12 inches of the ladder extending. This enhances safety, preventing the ladder from sliding off the lift.

Just like the first method, you’ll need a step ladder when creating and installing the ladder lift.

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Hanging A Ladder From The Ceiling

When hanging a ladder from the ceiling, there are several safety considerations. The last thing you want is a ladder falling off the ceiling and causing some serious injuries.

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Hanging A Ladder From The Ceiling

There are a few safety tips to keep in mind. These include:

  • Make sure the ceiling is strong enough to support the ladder weight.
  • The brackets and hooks used should be solid enough to support the ladder weight.
  • Store the ladder in a dry place and away from high temperatures. This ensures the ladder lasts and serves you for long.
  • A ladder hanging on the ladder lift should extend a few inches beyond the lift. This is to prevent the ladder from easily falling off.
  • When using hooks, make sure the hooks are strong enough to support the ladder weight.
  • Avoid storing extra materials on the ladder. This adds extra weight and might cause the hooks to snap.
  • Have an extra person help you when hanging the ladder.
  • Never hang on the ladder while it’s on the ceiling.
  • Make sure the screws are placed on joists.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to hang a ladder from the ceiling. You can use hooks or build a ladder lift. Hanging a ladder from the ceiling is a great way to save on floor space and keep the ladder safe. As long as you use the right hooks and ladder lift, you can be sure your ladder is safe and secure.

What are you waiting for? Get your tools ready and build a ladder lift today. You should never leave a ladder on the floor when you can safely store it on the ceiling.

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