How to Use Ladder Jacks

How to Use Ladder Jacks? [Complete Guide & Ladder Safety Tips]

Whether you are an aspiring painter, construction worker, DIY lover, or just someone who wants to make home projects simpler and safer, Ladder Jacks are a must-have for your tool kit. This handy tool should hold your ladder plank at a parallel position so that you can work safely on high grounds, with zero risks …

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Ladder Color Code

What Are The Ladder Color Codes? A Colorful Guide To Ladder Safety!

Colors in ladders serve aesthetic purposes and are also used to communicate a message to the users. Not sure what I mean by that? “Ladder color codes“- what do they even imply? If we break down ladders to the capacity they can hold, there are three basic categories. These categories include light-duty, medium-duty, and as

How to Repair Fiberglass Ladder

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Repair Fiberglass Ladder By Yourself

The fiberglass ladder is one of the most effective kinds of ladders. In addition to being erosion-resistant, fiberglass is safe to work with electricity, giving it an advantage over the aluminum ladder. However, because of excessive pressure or extensive use under extreme weather, your fiberglass ladder can get damaged over time. How to repair fiberglass

How To Hang A Ladder On The Wall

How To Hang A Ladder On The Wall – [Step By Step]

If you want to hang a ladder on the wall for decoration or ladder for painting high stairwell, first use L-brackets to support the bottom rail. Next, place an additional set of brackets beneath the top rail. Get ladder storage hooks from your local construction supply shop, and use them to store your ladder on

How Much Weight Can A Ladder Really Hold

How Much Weight Can A Ladder Really Hold?

A ladder comes in different sizes and shapes that help to reach higher places and points safely. However,  climbing a ladder incorrectly or using the wrong type of ladder can put you and anyone bedridden for life. Therefore, you always have to ensure how much weight can a ladder really hold and how to climb

Can You Rent a Ladder

Can You Rent A Ladder? 5 Places To Find Rental Ladders Today!

Do you need a ladder for a job? Ladders are great for indoor and outdoor jobs that require height. For example, you need a ladder for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and painting. So, how many of you own ladders? Most people don’t see the essence of owning a ladder since they use it occasionally. So,

How Much Does a Ladder Cost

How Much Does A Ladder Cost In 2023? Retail, Online & Rental

Different sizes and types of ladders are available for sale in any market or shop. Even when you eventually know the type of ladder you want, it still depends on the quality. A ladder seller can sell his own at a cheaper rate, while others might be expensive. That’s why you should know how much

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