How Much Does A Ladder Cost In 2023? Retail, Online & Rental

Different sizes and types of ladders are available for sale in any market or shop. Even when you eventually know the type of ladder you want, it still depends on the quality. A ladder seller can sell his own at a cheaper rate, while others might be expensive.

That’s why you should know how much a ladder costs, so you wouldn’t end up paying a high amount of money for an inferior ladder. So, keep reading this article as it will answer your question about how much does a ladder cost.

How Much Does A Ladder Cost In 2023?

The following are types of ladders and the amount they cost in the market.

Step Ladder Price

Literally, a step ladder is the most popular type of ladder in every market. It has no average cost, as the cost of a step ladder is all bent on its height and type. These ladders are as low as 4ft. and high as 20ft.

The step ladders that are way below 4ft are known as step stools. Step stools serve to carry out light-duty tasks that do not require a lot of weight. They are designed with durable plastic, wood, or aluminum, for lightweight and easy access in performing daily duties around the home, school, or library.

To understand this further, we will be explaining how much each ft. of ladders costs.

On Amazon, a step stool is sold at $50. Usually, the cost may be higher than $50 and might even be up to $100. The cost of a step stool on eBay is costlier than that of Amazon. They can  go for $85 to $120 each.

On Amazon, you can purchase a 12ft step ladder for $100 – about $200. This is because they are of great quality, safe and come with safety features such as anti-slip steps, joint locks, rubber feet, and a bucket of paint structure.

While on eBay, it is more expensive to purchase a step ladder. Its prices range from $250 to $650.

Extension Ladder Prices

The cost of a quality extension ladder does depend on the size and height it can reach. Every extension ladder or ladder for high ceilings must be above the roof by one to three feet.

It has a telescopic section that is also known as a fly section. However, their fly sections do not have anti-slip feet or any other precautionary features a step ladder has.

Extension ladders usually come in type I or type II and are high ladders that could get to a great distance.

These types show that some extension ladders you will find in the market may be for personal use or heavy-duty construction projects.

For example, extension ladders of 20ft contain telescoping extension ladders and conventional ladders. In contrast, 12 to 15ft can work for minor projects but not with heavy equipment.

On Amazon, the cost of a 20ft extension ladder is $200 to $400. But the cost of a 12ft to 15ft extension ladder can be bought for $100 to $300.

40ft Ladder cost

40ft ladders are used for heavy construction projects. They are very high, weighty, and are also called extension ladders. Purchasing this heavy-duty ladder from Amazon or eBay will be a workload of stress on you.

So, you can get it from the market that sells construction materials and building supplies. In hardware stores, online stores, a 40ft ladder is sold for at most $700.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Ladder?

Like we earlier said in this article, the cost of a ladder depends on the size and type. This is also applicable when renting a ladder.

So many people find it hard to buy a ladder and prefer to rent one since they will be using it once. It is also a great option. The cost of a ladder varies according to its height, type, and the purpose it serves.

Moreover, most ladder rentals services have a standard price from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. Well, it could be more if they decide to add extra charges.

In addition, you and the rental agent must agree upon the date to return the ladder to avoid extra fees or charges. Finally, the duration for a rental is always calculated hourly. That is, if you rent a 12ft ladder for 7 dollars, the agent may not allow you to make use of it for up to 4 hours. 

Is Buying A Ladder Worth It?

A ladder can be of great importance; they are good leverage systems useful in multi-tasking. Buying a ladder is a great investment.  Let’s explain the reason for the above statement!

Longevity and Durability

A ladder isn’t an object to be disposed of after usage. Whatsoever amount you budget for a ladder will also determine how it will serve you.

A low-quality ladder may not last as expected. But if you are determined to buy a ladder of great quality and set aside a good amount for it, its longevity would be extended.

Investing in a ladder saves cost! In the sense that if you keep on renting a ladder for too long, the amount spent on the rental will become more than the cost of purchasing a ladder. Not only does it save cost, but it also gives you peace of mind. You wouldn’t have anyone disturbing or hurrying you while working because he gave you a ladder for rent.


However, buying a good ladder is safety guaranteed, and you would not be vulnerable to defects on rented ladders.

For example, the rental agent may not notice if it is becoming rusty or if one or two screws are lost. Such negligence will make you vulnerable to serious danger, which could lead to death. So it is better to buy your ladder, so you will not be exposed to hurt.

Great features

Features like hooks can help to secure ladders to the ledges, stabilizers on step ladders are attached to the extension’s higher-end for ladder support.

There is also a work shelf on ladders that can enable you to keep your tools and materials. Also, rubber feet help to prevent a ladder from sliding against the ground.

However, a rented ladder might not be convenient because it may not come with these features, or they might be worn out.

Final Words

Today, ladders have gone through major changes and have become a standard piece of household equipment. Whether you’re changing tube lights, cleaning fans, painting the walls, or reaching high cabinets, ladders can help you accomplish a wide variety of jobs comfortably and safely.

Now that we have answered your question, how much does a ladder cost? If you have been planning on buying a ladder, be it fairly used or a new one, you should focus on the type, the height, and the construction material used in producing such a ladder. In summary, buy a quality ladder and do not think about the cost only.

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