Can You Rent A Ladder? 5 Places To Find Rental Ladders Today!

Do you need a ladder for a job? Ladders are great for indoor and outdoor jobs that require height. For example, you need a ladder for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and painting.

So, how many of you own ladders? Most people don’t see the essence of owning a ladder since they use it occasionally. So, what do you do when you need a ladder?

Can you rent a ladder?

You can rent a ladder for a number of jobs. There are various ladder rental companies out there that offer ladder rentals. You can hire a simple step ladder to a 50-foot extension ladder to match your needs.

If you only require a ladder once a year, then renting one makes sense as opposed to buying.

Now that you know you can rent a ladder, what are the pros and cons of renting? Where do you rent the ladder? What are the average costs?

Let’s dive in as I answer those questions.

Can You Rent A Ladder?

Can You Rent a Ladder

Yes, you can rent a ladder for any task at home or in the office. Ladder rental companies have a wide array of ladders that can accomplish any job.

Some tasks require a specific ladder type, and you cannot buy ladders for every job at home. For example, some ladders stand straight while others lean against the wall. We also have step ladders, extension ladders, and various combinations.

If you need a specific ladder type, then renting one makes sense. For example, it doesn’t make sense to buy a 50-foot extension ladder that you’ll only use once. Instead, you can rent a ladder to reach a high ceiling from leading rental providers.

Renting a ladder is economical and a great way to ensure jobs are done right.

Pros & Cons Of Renting A Ladder

As noted earlier, renting a ladder is a great idea to save costs. But, few people prefer the idea of buying one. Before deciding to rent a ladder, you need to consider its pros and cons.

Reasons To Rent Ladders

Here are some pros of renting a ladder instead of buying one.

1. The choice to hire a specific ladder-type

Hiring a ladder gives options. You can choose a ladder for a specific type of job. For example, you would hire a step ladder and an extension ladder at once. However, you cannot buy both for a single job.

You can get jobs done right when you have the right ladder. You don’t want to take chances with ladders, especially when working at high heights.

In fact, most households own a ladder. However, they always find the need to hire one for a specific type of job. You cannot go on buying ladders for every task.

2. No worries about storage

When you hire a ladder, you don’t have to worry about year-long storage. Instead, you get to use the ladder for a day or two and have the rental providers take it back.

If you don’t have enough space, you don’t need a ladder lying anywhere in your garden. When you hire one, it means you get to use it and give it back. If you don’t have enough space, then it means paying extra for self-storage.

3. Save money

Do your maths right! You can save a lot by hiring a ladder instead of buying one. How often do you use a ladder at home? Unless you use it weekly, then hiring one is cost-effective in the long run.

Ladders can be expensive. This is the case, especially when buying specialist options for specific tasks. If you buy one outright, you might be surprised at the total cost. This is the case, especially when you use the ladder once.

Apart from the initial purchase cost, you might need to maintain the ladder and pay insurance. These are costs you can avoid by hiring one.

4. Help with assembly

When hiring a scaffolding ladder, the rental providers sometimes help with assembly. They can set up the ladder, let you paint, and disassemble once done. Even a few extra bucks, you cannot compare the expenses involved to buying one and assembling it.

5. Options for other equipment

Most ladder rentals also hire various equipment you might need for your job. Apart from the ladders, you can also get a paint spray, welding machine, etc.

Reasons To Avoid Renting Ladders

Renting ladders is not always a good choice. Here’s why.

Tight timelines

Hiring a ladder means you have to work within the scheduled timelines. You don’t have the freedom to postpone a job since you’ve already paid for the ladder. Staying with the ladder for more days means paying extra.

Where To Find Rental Ladders?

There are various ladder rental providers to choose from. When picking one, you need to pick reliable providers with a wide array of ladders.

The rental provider should also have good quality ladders and excellent customer service. Below are some leading ladder rental companies in the United States.

United Rentals

The company offers a wide array of ladder rentals across the states. You can find a simple step ladder to a massive 50-foot extension ladder. Rates vary per location and type of ladder you select.

Herc Rentals

Herc Rentals is another top ladder and equipment, rental provider.

American Ladders & Scaffold

The company offers ladder renting services and scaffolds across the United States. It prides itself in a wide selection of ladder choices.

Step Ladder Rentals

This is a Dallas ladder rental company with a wide variety of ladders.

Diamond Rentals

This is another ladder and scaffolding rental company to meet all your ladder and scaffold needs. In addition, the company offers various other equipment services.

Well, these are just a few of the leading ladder rental companies in the United States. Most companies feature a wide array of ladders and scaffolds, among other equipment.

Ladder rental providers

How Much Is It To Rent A Ladder?

Before you rent a ladder, it is a good idea to know the average costs. The cost can vary greatly depending on the ladder-type, location, and the number of days rented.

The costs are charged on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For example, single aluminum roof ladders might cost an average of $40 a week. A 6 feet step ladder might cost an average of $32 a week, while a 10 feet step ladder will cost $72.

However, these costs are only estimates of what most companies charge in the US. The exact costs will vary from one State to another.

The prices change greatly when hiring a scaffolding ladder. A trailer load of scaffolding for a month will cost you an average of $2k. The costs might even go higher when you add transportation, setup, and modifications.

How To Rent A Ladder In 2022?

Renting a ladder is simple and straightforward. First, you need to choose a suitable ladder rental company. Most rental companies will ask for the location and the type of ladder you want. They will then provide an estimate to enable you to place an order.

Once you’ve placed an order, delivery will be done.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s it from me! Now you can rent a ladder without any worries. In fact, renting a ladder is more cost-effective than purchasing one.

Get the job done right by hiring the right tools today. Ladders are essential for height jobs, and hiring one makes sense.

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